Thursday, August 4, 2011


"I am in love with
for with other states I have
admiration, respect, recognition,
even some affection,
but with Montana
 it is love" 

~John Steinbeck~
my Hubs

This is a manly man state alright
the big rugged mountains
the big sky
those men get hooked 
that's it! 

We've been there for 13 years now
but we're softies
we've only spent one full winter..

This last trip was just a quickie
a ten day vacation from the

they have no idea they are headed to

The drive over was such a beautiful day
it needed to be because we were hauling over
a car

we took our time so I could get some pictures

The Hubs always calls Montana

We stopped so I could get out and crawl into the bed of the pickup
and get a good shot of this valley
and perfect timing a train came through
and I didn't know at the time a helicopter was taking water from river
to put out a fire
can you see it?
We get there to our beautiful
little home all mowed and weeded
I cried
we were expecting to spend a week
and Brother Bill & Linda
did it for us this year
she fell down those stairs and broke her ankle
a few weeks ago and is in a
some people will do anything to get out of work...

we don't think we have ever had anything nicer done for us
like I said
I cried when we got there
It was the greenest it has ever been
so much rain in the NW this year

usually the left side is brown as we don't have it irrigated

This one I took from my friends house across the lake

of course
~Doris the Doe~
was waiting to greet us

and look what they planted for us

Brother Bill made this for me
after I mentioned last year how cool it would be
to have clematis climbing up the post
I couldn't have dreamed it up any better
We quickly un-hitched the trailer and
went down to give them both big hugs
and I cried again...
what a perfect way to start off our
~honeymoon like~
no work..
no pups...
and no,
you can't have the in laws!

more to follow
ever heard of


  1. Rain, what is that? Haven't seen any in Texas for a while now. You lucky girl you. Sounds like girls like Montana as much as boys! Have fun.

  2. Beautiful!! I always wanted to go to Montana.
    How very sweet :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I have heard so many wonderful things about Montana. What gorgeous photos, and everything is so green and lush. Welcome home.

  4. Oh, my! This place is Paradise indeed! Simply gorgeous!

    I've been to Banff and loved there. It's incredible!

    So, are you staying away from the computer or not, "missy"? :-) I hope you're enjoying every second of it!

    Many hugs to you,

    Luciane at