Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We're off on *vacation*

Our little farmhouse is

We need a break from our

I am exhausted...
It's a good thing he is cute
because he likes to get up at
2:00 a.m.
every morning...

I haven't longed for a
like this in a really long time

We are going to check on our little

Look what Brother Bill & Linda
put up for me...
I love and can't wait to give them a hug

can't you just see some clematis growing up...

while weeding our place up last week
fell off the steps and broke her ankle
she's in a
Oh my gosh I can't wait to give her a

and I can't wait to see my
and do some of this

~sans Spanky~

I'm sure there will be lots of yard work

But I don't care...
Grandma is coming to
thank goodness

I've decided no computer for a whole week
it will be hard as I am addicted I fear
to all my blogger friends
and all the design ideas they come up with..

Maybe I will take some of those magazine and books
I have not gotten to in a long time
and sit right here all afternoon
enjoying our beautiful view of the

Do you think I can do it
no computer...
could you?

Be well my friends
see you in a week
or maybe
don't tell Grandma
the two part...


  1. I still cannot get over the color of that water there. It is the prettiest thing. I hope you don't work too hard. I would have a very hard time with no computer for a week. I am addicted for sure. Have fun.

  2. Have a great time Kathy!! What a beautiful farmhouse and the grounds and views are gorgeous!! Enjoy, Martina

  3. WOW, what a place to escape to...AMAZING!!Your pictures are so pretty and I agree with Kim on the water, what a majestic color. I can tell your going to have fun. Get some good rest and relaxation. Enjoy...XO ~Liz

  4. Have a great holiday and try to stay away from the computer! You'll have lots to tell us when you come back and we'll all still be here.

  5. I can so relate to the puppy woes!! Enjoy your break at your beautiful farm. x Sharon

  6. The farmhouse is dreamy! I'd tell you to have fun, but how could you not?

    You puppy is so cute. You WILL wind up missing him. Eventually. Well, maybe the feeling will hit you when you're traveling back home....

    I have five dogs. They're like kids, aren't they??

  7. OMG, that place looks heavenly. Have fun.

  8. Where is this place??? Just GORGEOUS! That lake reminds me of Lake Louise in Alberta. Simply amazing!

    Can you do it w/out computer? You better!!! :-) I would unplug myself from anything in a place like that! :-)


    Luciane at

  9. I wish I were on vacation with you! Beautiful, have fun!