Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Whidbey Island Weekend

I did some shopping this weekend

while visiting with a dear friend
 Whidbey Island
 we go all the way back to sophomore year gym class

for some reason living on an Island seems so
~far away~
over the years we just haven't made the time
to get together very often
~that will change~

I drove up to Port Townsend...
you all remember the movie
~an officer and a gentleman~
it was all filmed there
here is the paper mill where he grabbed her
and walked off with her and that
be still my beating heart...

a short ferry ride and I was at 
Fort Casey State Park
then drove up to Coupville
~whole thing about 2 hours~

It was the first day of salmon season and the boats were out
despite the rainy weather

we toured the Island a bit
and stopped at the famous
Penn cove
~oyster farm~

Have you ever heard of them?

Once I saw in Martha's Magazine
they were listed in the top 10
~in the world~
but I don't do oysters
so I wouldn't know
we just mostly hung out
at her fire pit
and I enjoyed every second

she lives on a 5 acre farm with
~3 horses~
it was so cool to wake up in the morning
and see horses right out the window

on the way home I stopped in at
~port townsend~

the cutest little Victorian town

where the sea captains

built these gorgeous homes

for their wives that stayed at home
~pinning for them~

and don't get me started on the shopping.....

I finally had the chance to go in a store I have
been lusting after

this store is full of antique furniture
and all sorts of pretties

If you want old you will find it there
Fabulous place
great website to order
those unusual period pieces

It was a fantastic weekend
and good for her too..
she ended up with a new table and chairs
from the same place I got my sisters!

 is always going to make you smile
when you sit down to breakfast
every morning

Thanks Shar
I had a fantastic weekend
~love you~


  1. You always have the best time girl! I love the picture of those ships!

  2. Looks like a great weekend. So funny seeing y'all in sweaters in the summer. Send some cooler weather here and I will send you some heat.

  3. Just the front doors on that store make my heart go pitter patter. No oysters for me either.

  4. What a beautiful part of the country-all those islands! Looks like you had a great trip. Thanks for the tour!

  5. FUN FUN FUN! Love the pics. You look fantastic!

  6. One of these days we're going to get on that Anacortes ferry and take that same route - I'll be showing your map and the picture of that store to The Great Dane and saying "HEAL"!(I know, I'm bad!)