Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day weekend project

Did you ever read
 Bears in the Night
by the Stan & Jan Berenstain
to your kids?
Well I did every night
It was Aaron's favorite

 did this over the weekend in Matthews new room

But first our Matthew......

The kids were down for the long weekend with our grand-baby Matthew.....oh what fun he is.  Ok so you know that Opa is his favorite but he comes running to Oma "Oh Mommie" when he is hurt...I will take what I can get....
We went shopping with him and his favorite thing is definately the tractor!

Ok so you found out we hang out in the malls with all the fun toys.
Can you tell we live in the N.W. where the only place we could get out of the house
 this very wet long weekend was a 

My garage sale find a few month back was worth every penny. 
 This was Aarons favorite thing growing up so I when I saw this huge container full of Brio with the table
 I had to get it for Matthew

This kept him occupied until his nap

Back to the project.......

Melanie, my very uber-creative daughter-n-law wanted to paint Matthew's new *room*.  A closet inside of the apartment above the garage where the kids stay when they come down  is large enough to make into his new space
 His favorite book (which was also my son's) got put on the walls to tell the story....this is good....really, really good.  She is so talented you have to go to her blog and check it out, video and all.

She spent all weekend projecting this book onto the walls and then painting get this reaction from Matthew made it all worth it! 
Next will be finding a crib mattress and toddler bed to fit in this space.
Stay tuned.........
Go to her blog and see it all.

Oh....... I almost forgot the grand dogs had fun too!


  1. Wow, the wall looks amazing! What a cute little fella he is:)

  2. So cute Kathy!~ Will you adopt me? Seriously I am not too old...I am a good girl, and I promise I will follow all your rules? Well one hitch...we are a package deal! :) Have a great weekend.

  3. He is too cute and so is the room!