Saturday, June 5, 2010

Garage Sale Quilt for a desperately needed

I am partying with
 this weekend for great garage sale finds...check her out!

It all started with this garage sale find Quilt.....
$20 quilt

I have been looking for a quilt this color for soooo long to match this green on the walls.  It is a hard color to match.  Pottery Barn Kids catalogs have this color but I didn't necessarily want it too girly or to spend that much.
 So when I saw this at a garage sale for $20 I took it.  I have seen quilts go for much more and much less but not MY color! to just finish the room....
Yikes I don't know where to begin.....
Would you like to come on a tour of the guest quarters
aka the kids' apartment?

I am so lucky to have a full apartment above our garage . 
When we moved in it was pink.  I had it painted sea-foam green because the tile in the bathroom was such a beachy green....and we live up off the beach and can see the beach so I think we can qualify as a
Beach House.....somewhat

Had to take a picture today of blue sky with Mt Rainier and a boat out......this is HUGE for us in the NW that have suffered through an exceptionally long spring.....see the beach?

Ok back to the catch all...

 This apartment has a living room, laundry room (behind those double doors), bedroom,  bathroom and a full kitchen. 

I was given the table & chairs and have put really no $ into this place yet.

This poor room has turned into a catch all for baby stuff

There was this couch and 5 yards of fabric left along with a chaise...I'm not complaining, but.....
not quite my style.
The furniture is Ethan Allan and could be perhaps ........refreshed?

A cramped little bathroom

 I would love to do sconces on either side of the bed or maybe hanging lights because it is such a cramped space and wouldn't a very fun headboard look great?

I just bought a $20 white changing table on Craigs List for under the plaque.

The rocking chair was the one I rocked my daughter in and the Hubs just re-finished it back to original for her to rock little brand new Charlie in when she gets here.

Oh my heart goes pitter patter...I haven't held him yet and it is just heart breaking,
 only 2 1/2 weeks left to wait

Ok back to the apartment.....

what about a window treatment.....
Candice Olsen...........
I watch your show and record it every day....could you make a very needed stop here soon????

This room has so much potential, I just know it and behind those doors are 2 closets and I am standing in another closet taking this picture..this apartment has 5 walk in huge closets, one of my favorite things about this place.

and a neat dust ruffle and cool pillows and , and , and.....

The view outside those french doors to our fountain, the sound is just one of my most favorite things, every morning from downstairs I open the doors even when it's cold just to hear it.

This poor golden chain fell down a couple of days ago because of all the wet soggy ground here in the NW
It took the Hubs and 2 of his friends to get it back up....I hope it makes it.

Ok as you can see I need help!

I need you Rachel Ashwell, I read your books...will you come help me?????

This is where my son and family stay when they come down for long weekends and where my daughter who has been gone for almost a decade and living in Europe will be staying when she comes *home* for a whole month in a couple of weeks.  Of course guests like to stay there too, probably because of the total privacy.   The bathroom is very small and could have easily been made bigger at the time of construction (big mistake I feel) but the guests still prefer staying in the *apt*  versus staying in the big luxury guest suite we have. So I would like to start thinking about making it a fabulous beachy retreat.....

I don't know where to start does anyone have any suggestions?

 is having a garage sale party so you can see how everyone scored this weekend
it is so much fun over there
Check her out
 list your favorite finds


  1. Oh you have a lovely apartment!!! the kilt is great, very well choosen! xx

  2. YAY you are getting my room ready!~ Such a pretty color really.... My first thought was to have had headboard..if you could find an old picket fence and paint it white that would look so cute.....I can see it being a garden, beach theme...especially with that beautiful back yard....Keep it simple...the color really speaks volumes...and any white accents will look fabulous. Thanks Kathy for linking up to my party....hope you get a few more suggestions:) Have a great weekend.

  3. That is a very nice quilt and you are right greens are hard to match. So many shades of it. Love that private apartment for guests. I know you can't wit to see your daughter and grandbaby. Ten years. I would go nuts. My daughter lives fairly close by and is expecting her first in October.Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Oh my goodness, when can I move in??? It's gorgeous! It's much bigger and way nice than the rental apt. we pay way too much for! I love the wall color.

    You could paint the coffee table white and distress it and buy a slipcover for the sofa. I adore Candace Olsen also, she's amazing!!!

  5. Love the quilt, wonderful buy! Have a great week!