Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sushi's first week

We have a baby in the house

This little guy has so much personality
not to mention the loudest
scream I've ever heard out of a dog
this is not a bark it's a
you think he is being attacked
or something dreadful is happening
~the breeder warned us~

and this little guy is so sad
I mean he has been moping around here for this last week
they say it takes 2-3 weeks
for him to adjust

Sushi idolizes Spanky
"please, please, play with me"
I can just hear him say as
goes around and around Spanky barking
Spanky won't even look at him

yesterday while outside helping me with
~yard work~
he was able to get near Spanky
for the first time

This is Spanky's favorite hang out
with the invisible fence boundary
this is as far down the driveway that he can go
and he will sit here for hours
watching over his
or lay down....
this was so cool to see
Sushi imitating him

But after getting ignored
 helped me weed the

This stuff is so pretty
but what a grower...
it takes over everything

We have this funny little area in the driveway
cut out of the concrete
~for planting~
still wondering if it should stay or go
I hang my baskets here every year
these are my newly planted ones
they have a way to go...

In the fall I put my cornstalks there
The the hanging baskets
make such a pretty statement
from the street below

and sometimes the roses get
and some years they don't
Some years the peonies bud
and some years they don't

This area is what I see out my kitchen window
so I would like for it to be

We had a landscape architect
come out to give us suggestions
and he said to get rid of it
so I am trying to decide if
~I want it at all~

not unlike my feelings about getting a puppy
remember this was the Hubs idea, not mine...

but after this week of
 potty training, and sleepless nights
that puppy has gotten ahold of my

now if Spanky will just
get onboard...
oh and Sushi was not the only one getting
usually he will sit in the Hubs lap
not this week
he took up space in the other chair!


  1. Love your pictures and poor Spanky looks sooooo sad. I hope he comes around and starts playing with cute little Sushi.

  2. AWWW, poor Spanky :( I am sending him some love, he'll perk up soon. Your outdoors is just beautiful..hope all blooms this year!

  3. Poor Spankster...I think he has to get over it your pictures. Your gardens and those baskets are so pretty Kathy. Enjoy the weekend..hope you get used to the scream!

  4. You're place is so beautiful Kathy - I wish I could grow ANYTHING at my place. And Spanky will come around - my pets were the same way. It really does only take a week or two and they snap out of it. My cat hated Buttercup when we brought her home as a puppy. He would skulk around the house and walk the long way around the puppy hissing and growling. But now they hang out together like best friends even though Buttercup is full grown - he'll even go up and bap her on the nose to get her to come and play with him when he's bored! Can't wait for a chance to meet Sushi!

  5. What a cutie Sushi is!
    I love the way you decorate your lantern, summer and fall.

  6. It's going to take longer than a couple of weeks!! Treble still has his moments where he wants nothing to do with Zoey and it's been a little over a year now.

  7. Oh I love your little Sushi! She reminds me of my Button!
    Don't worry, one day they will just start playing!