Friday, May 13, 2011

The beginning of the backyard

Another outside post
 can you tell I am getting anxious
~to get outside~
This Pacific NW weather
has been grueling this spring..

When we moved here 4 years ago
we had a backyard water feature
well two of them...
~neither one worked~

Can you tell there are two ponds
at the bottom
and neither one would hold water

The Hubs tried his darndest to fix it...
the guys who put on the back patio tried too
~nothing worked~

So we hired a fountain guy to come out to re-do it
he tore the bloody thing out
and started over

The Hubs sat out here for a week
with those guys and watched as they created
~a masterpiece~

Now there is one pond with
several waterfalls

While that big tractor thing was here
I asked if they could push back some of the
wild blackberry bushes
I wanted a little backyard up there
and to bury a huge rootball from a fallen tree
someday the Grandkids might need a place to play

2 years ago

Last year it looked like this

This year the Hubs has been working hard
up there

lots of dangerous trees got fell
and lots of burning
has been  going on

And this is what it looks like now
after all his hard work...

 I can just see a play house or tree house up there some day

There is enough room to plant some more evergreen trees
to make it look like a park

 My sweet little
~Weeping White Spruce~
that will be a feature at the top of the waterfall someday

 and look at the weeping japanese red maple that has just opened...
yeah it made it through the planting process...
that will hopefully start weeping down over the waterfall

I come out every morning with my coffee
and sit here
listening to the water softly falling

Somebody else likes it out here too...

I am getting a lot of enjoyment from this
finished project!


  1. Wow, that is one big and nice water feature. I would love to sit out there with you!

  2. Amazing pond and waterfall. You will attract all kinds of critters I bet. Birds ate our fish over the winter. I guess they were hungry and the waterfall attracted them.

  3. Your backyard is AMAZING!! Breathtaking views!!

  4. Your fountain(water feature?) is stunning!!! I love your backyard and your hubs needs a high five, that clearing looks great!!! Love your spruc by the way!!!

  5. OH, Kathy can I come sit and have a cup of coffee, it looks amazing....Lots of hard work