Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The back patio

We needed a backyard
patio or do you call it a porch?

One that we could use all year round...
In the NW weather one can never count on
a clear day for a party
and this is a
~party house~

One of the first things we wondered after
getting this house was why there was no
~outdoor living spaces~
just enough concrete for a table and chairs

The first order of business
was to have a covered patio...
Well actually the first thing we did was
this house was pink
when we moved in..
yes I said
 trim too
even the concrete patio was
see it in the picture below?

The contractor who built this home
lives in our development
so we got a bid from him to do our project
and got started...

I remember him asking
why we wanted an
~outdoor room~
"we live in the Pacific NW where it is always cold"
~this is not California~
he said
I said ....
~We would all like to think we live in California~

I remember feeling like I was sitting outside in a hole
the side of the home was surrounding us at over 30 feet high
take a look at how little that BBQ looks

This whole project I get to take credit for
~thinking up~
We had come from spending winters in California
and everyone does up their outside 
My bench above has seats that lift open
and store stuff
I always wanted a banquet in my kitchen
That is the dining room window

Well this is the Hubs kitchen
and he got to pick out everything in here
even the granite

The Hubs
this gets used all year round

I think he did an awesome job
Almost 3 months of work here

We needed lots of sky lights because this area
doesn't get sun until the afternoon
They did such a good job of tying the roofs together
There is 1200sq feet of slate put down

I saw this fireplace in a magazine and thought it would be perfect
to fit in between these windows

The perfect little TV area

We decided against a real wood burning fireplace
as there would be too much smoke...
We have a real one in Montana that proves this point
This is just a flip of a switch and

I love this outdoor table
it was on end of the season clearance
the bench was gone
so the contractors made a bench that matched
the built in one

Some friends tell us this is their
favorite part of our home

oh and that contractor said
"we knocked it out of the ballpark here"
he will never build another home without an
~outdoor living space~

It's a great place to sit and relax by
the waterfall

or entertain guests

Now come on weather
warm up.....
we want to

Speaking of partys
I'm headed to



  1. How beautiful. Over from WUW. you are sure going to enjoy such a wonderful area.

  2. THAT is your back patio?!?!? A-MAZ-ING. My jaw literally dropped, I could live out there! You guys did an amazing job! I love how you can literally be out there anytime of year (out of all the rain, as im a Pac NW myself) Great job!

  3. My jaw is literally dropping to the ground, as we speak. WOW!! What an A*M*A*Z*I*N*G is such a wonderful extension of your home. It's like bring the inside out and the outside in. I love the decor outside. Y'all have outdone yourselves. The stonework is just lovely. You are going to enjoy many wonderful times out there, again, simply AMAZING! Enjoy! XOXO ~Liz

  4. I have no words. I am actually speachless! That s the most amazing back yard I've ever seen! Totally awesome!! Great job!

  5. OMG Kathy this is GORGEOUS!! What a wonderful outside living space you created, I'd be out there all the time! Martina

  6. Yeah- I think you'll be able to find a few friends to party with! Gorgeous- love it!

  7. Oh my goodness...your outdoor project is nicer than my whole house I think! Your home is gorgeous and it would be a dream to spend time out there! Wow!!

  8. You're right - here in the NW cover is essential. We're outside all summer-long, but I like a roof over my head when the sun goes down. Our space isn't half as large as yours, but it fits us. I won't be showing The Great Dane that outdoor TV though!

  9. Wow is not enough! How fabulous, love the rock tileing guy smiling at you taking his picture. You are so going to enjoy that. Too wonderful for words, glad you added pictures!

  10. Fantastic. Everything is fabulous. Love that kitchen too. I am sure you enjoy it everyday. Hugs, marty

  11. Omg this is soooooooooooo gorgeous!!! What a difference. So jealous of your large backyard

  12. Wow, that was some undertaking. It is lovely. I am sure you will have many hours of enjoyment out there, cooking up some great things to eat. Thanks for sharing:)

  13. Kathy, what a beautiful outdoor room. Love that slate floor and how nice to have a water feature and a fireplace. I would never leave. Thanks for sharing this at my party!

  14. Kathy! Girlfriend! Everything looks amazing girlfriend!!!!

  15. Seeing those pictures brought back some good memories of that summer! We did have some fun parties back there! Love ya sis!!

  16. Kathy that is so awesome! I would live out there when I could...You are so going to enjoy every minute of it. It is gorgeous. You had an awesome vision come to life!

  17. This is AMAZING!!! I mean seriously like something out of a magazine! And we NW folks definitely need to make the most out of our outdoor spaces since we don't get to use them that often. Fabulous job! :-)

  18. wonderful, Kathy! fabulous job! thanks for your lovely comment today. great you have 3 grandkids. I have 2 kids all under the age of 3 :-) warm greetings from Germany

  19. I am totally blown away (not to mention a tad bit green with envy). That is just AWESOME!!

  20. Kathy, this is just so amazing! A magazine needs to knock on your door now!!!

  21. WOW! That is one amazing outdoor space! I love it all. You certainly did hit it out of the park on this one!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great week!

  22. WOW! This is beyond gorgeous!!!! It truly is just beautiful. I love our outdoor space and wouldn't change it for anything (and we live in Cali!-LOL)
    Nice job!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!! ~ cami

  23. Wowzers!!! Your outside kitchen looks better than most inside kitchens. I'm totally green with envy. Now, when's the party and what do you want me to bring???

  24. Simply STUNNING! That's all I can even come up with!! Everything is so well put together, just amazing! Well done!

  25. Your back yard patio is amazing!! Everything looks so well done and it fits so perfectly with the style of your home I bet your builder is wondering why he didn't add it in the first place! Men?!?! lol.

  26. Holy smokes! Now, that's what I call an outdoor living space. I bet you have a hard time getting people to leave. Love what you've done. I'm your newest follower.