Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fountain area planted !!!

We have been so busy putting all these plants in
around the fountain area...

Our new little weeping japanese maple even sprouted leaves
over the weekend

We fixed our fountain area 2 years ago
but I never knew what to plant so I didn't....

~The before~

This year I found the best little slice of heaven
~Chris is their Angel~

I emailed her pictures,
she told me what I needed,
I went and brought them home,
she came out the next day and told the Hubs
where to plant them...

Luckily Aaron was here and a buddy came by...
those little trees are heavy
little weeping japanese maples are so delicate
I was squirming during this....
The little bare tree below is a
Weeping red leaf Japanese maple
Chris said it will weep over the waterfall in a few years..
Can you see the Weeping White Spruce?
He is front and center at the top...
that skinny little thing will look like this
Isn't that cool?
I wanted something unique at the top
she said they grow fast too

Chris suggested that we top it off with cocoa bark...
everytime I go out there it smells like chocolate

I'm loving it out there and can't wait
for somebody to turn up the temperature
here in the Northwest!!

Thanks Chris you are the BEST!

I've got more projects in store for you!!


  1. That is gorgeous~ Looks like your own private Oasis.

  2. That is quite a fountain. I would call it a beautiful waterfall.

  3. Love love love it! Just gorgeous! And what a great place to sit and relax after a busy day! Thanks for sharing-have a great day!

  4. Beautiful. Such a wonderful and relaxing area. Everything looks fabulous. I love Rodgers Garden. Unreal place. Hugs, Marty

  5. When you said to come by and see my fountain I thought of a tiered fountain. You have an amazing waterfall and pond. It is so pretty and once the plants all fill in it is going to be so lush. Love Japanese maples I have two in my yard and they are so graceful looking when they blow in the wind!! Thanks you for stopping by my blog and I am so glad you enjoyed your visit there!! Kathysue

  6. Your waterfall looks so natural and love the new plantings too. You must love being outside, listening to the water and enjoying the setting. I have lots of Japanese Maples too and think that was a good choice for the waterfall. Love it! ~Delores

  7. I would LOVE that backyard, just beautiful!

  8. OMG Kathy your backyard is GORGEOUS!! Your waterfall and plantings are beautiful, how nice and relaxing it must be sitting outside listening to the rushing water! Have a wonderful Mother's Day! Martina

  9. Kathy- My jaw hit the floor when I came over to check out your blog. That is an amazing "water feature"- Were those rocks there or did you have to move them in? It is just amazing either way- you are doing a great job with the landscape...I can't wait to look around your blog some more. Thanks for the visit!

  10. WOW!!! My water feature is nothing next to yours. My husband owns a landscaping business in UTAH so of course we had to have one in our yard. Just beautiful and thanks new "FRIEND". :)


  11. Kath, it looks great! Just a word of caution tho, that "Cocoa Bark" is a potential hazard for the dogs. It contains a toxic chemical "theobromine". Just make sure the dogs don't eat it. Home Depot stopped selling it here.
    Can't wait to see it after things have grown!

  12. What a FABULOUS space...jealous!! I would want to sit out there all day long! =) What a water feature.....LOVE IT!! XOXO ~Liz

  13. This is so gorgeous Kathy! I would just love to sit there with my eyes closed to hear the water, so the pretties are a plus!