Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sushi's Home

Oh my goodness what a day
We brought Sushi home
Spanky wanted to go...

When we got to Deborahs Sushi
was so glad to see his new Daddy

On the drive home he slept on his favorite blankey

Spanky didn't want to be anywhere near him
This is just too funny....

We have been reading about these little guys
they need a small place and not the run of the house
to make them feel safe
here's his knew place

His purple blankey from the breeders
in his new bed, his food, water...
I guess they sleep most of the day
so he is right in kitchen area...
right after he ate and went outside
yahhh..he did his business
he fell asleep

too funny half in and half out his little bed

We have another crate like this our bedroom for tonight
Wish us luck!!


  1. Awww Sushi is so sweet. Having anew puppy is wonderful and exhausting. Good luck with your precious little one.

  2. I didn't know you were getting a new baby. That crate is huge! It is a castle for that little one.

  3. Good luck! I so enjoyed reading your blog. What fun!

  4. AWWW..Sushi is so stinkin cute. Enjoy! Happy Mothers day to the new Momma!

  5. Have fun, cute little baby and jealous brother/sister! Happy Mother's Day.

  6. Just want to squeeze him and kiss that little face, one for Spank too!