Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Big Announcement..Sushi isn't what you think!

Debbiedoos is having a Pet Party
And guess what...
We have a new Pet!!!!
This is a
so I am also hooking up to Kim's
& Kara's

The Hubs has wanted Spanky to have a brother
for quite awhile now...
I have been resisting
for quite awhile now...
Everything is so peaceful in our one dog house...

The breeder called on my birthday,
was this a sign??
He was the only boy in a group of girls
and she thinks he will be brown
which is what the Hubs wanted
very unusual for a
~Shih Tzu~

~Meet Sushi~

 Where are his eyes???

So the breeder Deborah and her Hubby gave him his first haircut

ok so I caved,
he's adorable even if he doesn't turn brown

There is a hint of brown...
in a Shih Tzu it's called

We took these Sunday during our 3rd visit
or was it the 4th???
We bring him home 
he will be 11 weeks old....
he looks so tiny here

Somebody is so excited...

~and somebody is trying to be~
This doesn't look the face of someone
who balked
does it?

I have been reading all those
~how to books~
again all week and realizing
life as we know it is
how did I allow this to happen...
I went and saw him
I kept saying that I didn't want another dog...
how could I love another dog
as much as I do

This is probably going to be rougher on him
then us
or maybe not...
we are keeping our fingers crossed

Hop on over to
 Debbies Party
and check out all the other cuties
what a great idea she had to do this
Thanks Deb!

Oh my goodness she has a huge party
over there!!

fun party


  1. Awww...Kathy, I feel some serious LOVE there. Spanky will get over it, and learn to love too. What a cutie pie. THanks for sharing your fur babies with us. Pet's bring so much joy to our lives don't they? My boys just Love Lucy so much, and I can't imagine not having a pet.

  2. Awwwww! He is too cute Kathy!!! And I guffawed out loud over the "balking face", hahahahaha!!!! Yep, you are really resisiting! He is just so lucky to have you as a family and I bet Saturday can't get here fast enough!!!

  3. Awwwww, how cute is he!!!! That little face is precious! I hope he and your other dog get along well and are besties:)

  4. Kathy,Sushi is sooooo cute! I am following you back . I am from NW .

  5. You must be sooo excited for Saturday to arrive! He is just the sweetest little guy!! I'm sure Spanky will adjust and then they will end up being best friends!

  6. Oh I love little Sushi, Spanky will love him too. Bijoux was as mad as a wet hen when we bought Paris home, now they are besties. Bijoux and Paris are pleased to meet him.

  7. Oh, I could just hug him, so adorable!


  8. Oh my heck!! How cute is Sushi! I don't know how you can stay away! This will be a very awesome thing!! Spanky will love his new brother!! How could he not???

  9. he is just precious. It will take some time for the (only child) to adapt, but he will. I love my fur babies and all they love they bring to us. Sometimes I get annoyed when they are barking but overall it's great and I wouldn't have any other way. Enjoy the new addition to your family, Janet

  10. Awww, both are seriously cute. We had Danny (pointer) at home and brought home Pete (big rottweiler mix), figuring that Pete was going to be boss. Not so -- Danny just kept on keeping on and Pete fell into line. They'll figure it out and you'll be twice as happy as you are now. (of course it's the cats that really rule the roost anyway, lol). Good luck with the transition!

  11. So cute!!! I think they will be the best of friends in just a little while. Enjoy!

  12. I can't wait to see (read: cuddle) him! Think he will like Violet? haha

  13. oh good luck with him!! he is a cutie. Hope your other dog adjusts.

  14. What a little hearthrob!!! He is so gorgeous, especially since he now has eyes :-) Good luck with the new baby and keep us updated with lots of photos!!!
    Have a beautiful day!!!

  15. What a little puffball! I don't know if i could handle two dogs again at the same time. But these guys are little so I'm sure it's easier to travel with them. Lots of fun too!

  16. Thanks for stopping by...I'm now a follower♥

  17. What a darling little face. . .
    I just want to hold him, he is so

  18. Sushi is adorable. Bosco was that little when I brought him home. He is all black with a bit of white on his chest. When his hair is longer, it has a tint of brown, but he is predominantly black. Shih Tzus rule! :o)

  19. Absolutely, totally melts my heart! My daughter had one that was black & white, Allie. I would have a house full if I had the space and the $$$. Can't imagine NOT having one, they are so precious!

    Spanky is so cute! He will adjust but he will have to "enforce" his Alpha dog status. You must keep us updated.


  20. Kathy, he is just so sweet. I hope they get along well. Thanks for sharing your new baby at my party.