Monday, December 6, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year

The Hubs wanted to
*opt out of Christmas*
this year....
So we are staying in the desert
in a new home with no decorations in sight...
Thought I could do it...
started thinking about all the things
I could do with my extra time..
Start to exercise
and lose weight this year
instead of gaining 10 lbs
But you see...
It's impossible to not get into the mood
because of all the beautiful inspiration
from all you bloggers

I can get lost looky louing for hours
& then
Layla had this party over at her blog
full of decorated mantels,
 what people come up with is amazing to me
I will share some of my favorites
but definitely go to her site and see for yourself
I won't be doing much
Christmas decorating
so I will live vicariously through
This is still the
wonderful time of the year

I love all different styles
Traditional, Country, Shabby Chic, French...

 is oh so talented..I found this on HGTV's favorites

What a great idea for a place to hang stockings

Ok this one....not so much my style but gotta give her credit for 

And finally my fav's are from my favorite bloggers
~no surprise there~
my go to everyday for inspiration

Her photography is so beautiful too

My Savvy *Sister* Kim
we have so many of the same things
( & what isn't the same I wish I had)
Then there is Delores at
Ooh La La
It's all a dream over there
This is her weekend home in the wine country
~I love it~
I'm waiting to see what she will do with her
*everyday house*

So here I am in the desert
with no decorations and a promise
not to do any of it...
think I can keep that promise?????
I couldn't find a picture of our mantel
from last year
so I will leave you with last years
Christmas Card
There's always next year
Happy Holidays!


  1. I hope you let yourself enjoy your desert Christmas! All the trappings of a traditional Christmas will be waiting for you at home for another time, and meanwhile, you and your husband can start a few new traditions.

  2. Thanks for the mention Kathy! I'm honored! So you're in the desert and aren't decorating this year? Maybe you could just put up a little tiny, eensy weensy tree! Or just hang two stockings like I did in the photo above. Or put on some Christmas music and have a hot toddie. I hope you enjoy your holiday even if your halls aren't decked out! Merry Christmas to you and the hubs. ~Delores

  3. All you need is snow and a few presents on the shelf! Voila Christmas. We don't get the snow in Texas so you are lucky there, desert women! Enjoy

  4. Hi my twinny, thanks for sharing my mantel. I would do like Delores said and just put out a small tree and stockings. Something! Enjoy that nice warm desert. We are at 20 degrees this morning and my pond is iced over. Burrrrrr!

  5. Love those mantles! Sorry to hear about the "opt out" clause, but at least you are warm, and living vicariously through others isn't all bad!

  6. You already broke your 'no Christmas' promise Mom, I saw the beautiful wreaths you did! I know how hard it must be to not wear any Christmas sweaters..maybe you can find some Christmas t-shirts.. :) I can't believe YOU are not doing Christmas. My prediction is you're going to break down and get a 'small' tree by the 21st. It's like asking your Granddaughter to not eat any candy while you walk away leaving a giant bowl in front of her.

  7. Opt out, oh you have to have something, I like the suggestions above. Thanks so much for showing off my mantel, what a great way for me to start the day. Enjoy the season Kathy, none the less. I am so happy you are losing weight too, that must make you feel great. I am doing the same the first of the year!

  8. How sweet of you to share my mantel ... I'm truly flattered! I, too, have a feeling that a tree will magically appear in your home very soon! I love your photo from last year ... wow(!), what a view! And, thanks so much for your note about the home I recently played in. Happy Holidays, Becca

  9. So many wonderful pictures and so much inspiration. Thanks for you sweet comments, I really appreciate it. You asked about the fabric for my drapes. We have a designer closeout store here for the most beautiful fabrics you've ever seen. I got the fabric there. Sorry, I don't know the name or mfg. Wish you were here and you could shop at the store, you would love it. Have a super Christmas. Hugs, Marty

  10. Boy, you have willpower and self control! I might mention opting out of Christmas, but I just couldn't do it. Thanks for sharing all the inspirations - isn't it amazing what the blogs come up with!

  11. Oh, you have to do SOMETHING! Are you doing stockings at least? We only have our Christmas tree up so far... no decorations yet! With any luck I'll have that done next week sometime. We'll miss you for the holidays! I already caught Matthew sneakily trying to open Christmas presents!

  12. Oh my! Just look at those! My eyes bulged with each one. Debbie's, I did see before, but I had no idea so many people did so much decorating! Kathy, you don't sound like the stay still type. I know because that's my forte! ;) Do something while in the desert. Maybe bake a few goodies and I'll imagine gulping them down. (evil laughter) :D :D