Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Garage Sale Wreaths

Ok my
 have spoken and told me
I must do something...
even it's a little something..
to make this big ole house feel like
*opting out*
is definitely

I grabbed my Mom and hit a development that was having
a multi family  
Garage Sale
I went out looking for a couple of wreaths for the
front door
I couldn't believe it the second house we went to
there they were
hanging on a small tree
in purple.....
for $5 bucks each

~I took them~
I was in the Christmas spirit and didn't
even ask for a better deal
I'm not such a purple person
so Mom spent about an hour un-doing
all the purple
This picture actually looks a whole lot
better than they did
dusty, dirty and really sun damaged
I also found gold ornaments for $4
got a couple of hangers at home depot for $2
some pretty glittery ornaments
for $1 each at Wal-Mart
The ribbon was also $1 each
so that makes
$14 each
Not bad huh?

Christmas at the front door...
that is about all I've got so far
I'm slowly sneaking in a few things
trying not to be noticed..
Linking up to my Savvy Sista Kim
Boring to Better Party
So did I do better for a person
who struggles so hard with the slightest
creative project?

and notice my pretty flowers on your way out
(I can't get enough of these)


  1. Yes you done very good! Give yourself more credit Kathy, you have great taste. a beautiful home and me as a virtual buddy, so there ya go lol! I am not a purple person either. In fact I have an old expensive wreath all in purples too, I may have to whip that puppy out and beef it up. Thanks for the thought of that! See your thought provoking too. Glad you have something up!

  2. Sister, that's right you did good. I love your wreaths on your double doors. They look great. I think I need to work on my large one outside. I need to spiffy it up. Don't be showing us your warm weather and flowers, no maam. It is absolutely freezing or rather way below freezing here and I don't like it except it does make it feel more like Christmas. Brrrrrrrr. Thanks for joining the partay!

  3. I'm sorry Kathy, but did you just call yourself NOT creative??????!!! That's INSANE! Deb and yours are the ONLY design blogs I read and I think you've got very cool design sense! You've got to be joking or I'm going to think I haven't read no part of your blog yet, which is SO not true!

    Love the wreaths! And the flowers look gorgeous! Awesome start!!!

  4. Well done!! The wreaths are lovely, but you know, I'd take the view of the garden and that sunshine any day!

  5. Love those THRIFTY wreaths...just my style!!!!


  6. Your wreaths are perfect Kathy... I am sure when starts is so beautiful what will be the end result... Lovely

    I would love if you come and enjoy the fragrance of sweet potpourri heart at

  7. Hey girl!!!! I'm so behind on my blog reading!!!!! Your wreaths are beautiful!!! Always know I love you!!!!

  8. Great wreaths and the price is certainly right! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the lovely comment. I have just become your friend and follower and hope you might do the same.

  9. Kathy, these are MAGNIFICENT!! I love what you and your mom did! They were looking kinda tired, but they look sharp and fresh now! How cruel are you to show that last pic?!? I still love ya anyhow!

  10. They turned out just awesome!! I did the same thing. Took my old wreath apart and made it over into something fresh and new! Works great on a budget!!