Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Master Bedroom Re-do

Finally my bedding is done!!!

I know it's a fashion disaster
but I love my massage chair
can I slipcover that thing????

This is the old stuff

I was always trying to fnd something to work

When we moved in 3 1/2 years ago my bedroom was painted a creamy buttery white
The lush thick carpet was the same
The beautiful white white millwork was lost...
so we painted a yellowy tan and now we can really see that millwork
But I could never figure out what to do with the bedding???

~Enter Jen~

I love that girl
I told her she could do anything she wanted except
my least favorite color
I am a warm person not a
~cool person~
She came back to me with 
 Brown, Gold & Blue in the fabrics
She said to trust her...it would make sense of that
Blue pearl granite right around the corner
~so glad I did~

She did all this sewing herself
We waited for JoAnn sales, used coupons and finally had everything
ready for Jen to start this big project...

Waiting for the Hubs to help move the new rug
under the bed more
that bed is HEAVY

The new rug from
~Tuesday Mornings~

She did all this sewin herself

next project is the window treatments for the bathroom...
she found some Candice Olsen fabric...
be still my beating heart....
 and a new ottoman that she is recovering...
we have a long way left to go with this bedroom
but I am so excited about this bedding
finally it is feeling right!
I am linking to
 Kim's Boring to Better
be sure and check her out!


  1. That sure is a boring to better redo. I love that bedding, I love the bed, I love the entire room, so spacious! Pretty FP and I spied the chande there too. I love your home Kathy!

  2. Gorgeous bedding, Kathy. Wow she sewed that all by herself. I was just looking through my blog roll and saw this. I don't see it linked in the party!!

  3. It is just gorgeous!!! What a talented young woman, too! Everything is a work in progress unless you are made of money it seems!! I totally understand! Awesome job!

  4. I love the beautiful colors! So elegant! ♥

  5. Oooh. I could sink in right now! Love it!!!

  6. It's gorgeous - you are so lucky to have Jen!
    We're going down to Everett in 10 days and fabric is high on my list of things to find.

  7. Your bedroom is so elegant-fit for a queen!

  8. Gorgeous Kathy, when do I move in??? Then you could get rid of the massage chair, I mean, a massage therapist is better, and I can be removed from the room, lol!

  9. I had to look at the pics with one eye closed I loved everything so much. Now I want to go shopping and redo my bedroom but alas, I am poor, and the holidays are upon me, so I had to look with only one eye...beautiful!!!!