Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hello Sunshine

With my Mom in tow this year
we set off on our trek south
We are Snowbirds
most years

There was the year that little Matthew Man
was born and I couldn't go
no matter how cold it got that winter...
I was planted near my first Grandson
He just turned 2 last week

But this year off we went..
We made it through the Siskiyous
just in time
Mt Shasta is beautiful but that pass can be brutal

I got a text from our friends heading the opposite way
They go home for the holidays
They were stuck at the top of the pass for 3 hours
My first thought was how do you go to the bathroom?
She said her hubby just got out and went....
she was next.... OMG
How do you prepare for that?

We made it to the other side with just a hint of snow coming down
got to spend the evening with my Sister in Redding
Then off at 7:00 a.m. to make it home to the desert by 8:00pm
That Hubs is a driving machine

It is 8 degrees at home right now
I have mixed emotions about being gone
when my house is cold and lonely

Take care Seattle
Drive safe kids....

We really will be thinking of you


  1. Glad you didn't have to go outside. Growing up on a farm, you're prepared for that sort of thing, lol. Glad you are not in the 8 degree weather!

  2. Brrrrr.....glad to hear you are traveling TOWARDS warmer weather! LOL...Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  3. Oh goodness, I'm so jealous, LOL! I love snow, but sometimes when it traps you and foils plans (Thanksgiving) it is not good timing. I'm glad your trip was safe. I hope to head south after the first of the year for a little holiday for my big 40th Birthday!

  4. Do you have any idea how glad I am to hear from you?? I just am because you're nice and warm and safe now. :) I love that picture of the autumn leaves and snow! Happy Holidays!!!

  5. Enjoy your "snowbird" weather! Drive safe and have fun.

  6. Oh I am so over cold weather Kathy...stay warm and enjoy your family.

  7. How wonderful going somewhere warmer!! I was reading your post about the wind storm. I had to smile because we had a rainstorm Monday night and the signal went out right when Jennifer and Derek were about to do their freestyle dance!!! The husband and I weren't happy campers!!

  8. Have fun Kathy... and if Can you please spare a little bit of your time for my new post, its something different I hope you enjoyed