Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Surprise Wind Storm

This is the Port of Tacoma
I've been off for a few days and here's why
 We didn't have a computer, TV, telephones or water
We have a generator which didn't come on
The power went off at 8pm just after
Dancing with the Stars
started Monday
The next morning the Hubs went out to get the generator running
so we had the fridge  and the outlets to keep the cell phones charged
gas fireplaces to heat the place but then
what do we do with no computers?
We discovered that TV and computers
are our life......hummmmmm
is this good?
The neighbors were taking their kids to school and bringing us  back goodies
Mary brought  Starbucks
Denise brought  McDonald's sausage egg McMuffins
it was a great morning for us
just knowing your neighbors are the very best
 ~we are all  in this together~
We are on a community well and realize we have to get a generator for that
because being without water is the worst part
The Hubs left the chainsaw at the farm this year
~not good~
we all had a tree or limbs down
I got some paperwork done
cleaned out the china cabinet
The Hubs did some yard work
and read a book
we felt
Better work on that
Without TV we didn't  even know how bad it was
~out there~

click on the link below
she has a newscaster clip on her blog
showing what was going on around us


  1. Wow, I had heard about this and I know it is hard doing without power and water. I hate when that happens. I think we would be the same way without the t.v. and my computer! Glad you are back up and running now.

  2. We lost power last night, told the man I would swear a tornado went over our house. It does make you wonder when we have a hard time going without TV and computer. In my case, I went without light to read, and honestly, I hated it. Tv, no problem, light, no way! Glad you have great neighbors, they have good neighbors too!

  3. Owww. Kathy! I'm so glad you're SAFE. Thank you for keeping me informed! I am keeping a check on your updates. Sending you lots of love and care. (((Hugs)))

  4. I know that feeling Kathy. When we lived in South Florida, we had no power for two weeks, it was awful. We did have a generator, so it was good. You do have a very nice community though and that is nice helping neighbors.

  5. I am going to click on that blog, I am happy you are all OK...