Monday, November 8, 2010

Leaving Fall behind & A Giveaway

I am going to miss Autumn

I have come across some really beautiful scenes from fall
this year through the blogs I follow
One of my favorites is Delores's

Her homes are stunning
 one is on a vineyard
 and she is such a good photographer
she travels to Europe
and takes us along the way
you have to check out her blog for
~breathtaking beauty~
and I'm not just saying this because she is having a
please don't enter because I seriously want to win
just kidding....not!

Check out these beautiful fall pictures

Here is my attempt at creating fall in our home

We leave in less than 2 short weeks for the desert
It seems like I just got my fall decorating done
my favorite new thing is the banner
Jen made...
I just LOVE it
It says
Welcome Fall & Friends

Look what's hiding on my mantle
courtesy of
My Sweet Savannah

At the entry way
there are little lights in the wire gourd
looks so pretty at night
learning to take pictures with no flash
As you can see I
don't have much for decorating
 it seems we have always been
 gone during the fall
Went  to Europe for two years in a row
during the fall to be with my daughter...
look how tiny Mattie was then
The Germans love the fall & 

My sister & I had a blast

Can you guess where this is?

Wonder where Fechy is?
Switzerland is also beautiful in the fall ..
Ok I'm getting off track here.....I must do a post on that place!

Before that we loved going to
New England
 in the fall

traveling back there in our motorhome
ours is behind the Sister-n-laws pretty one
 I love this picture

So we didn't get to enjoy the
~Northwest Fall~
Now granted it's not as spectacular as Germany or Vermont
But it can be great if all the stars align....
usually it is windy, rainy and the leaves are just
brown & mushy
But this year we lucked out
a few days ago  was a record breaking 77 degrees
Wow we were all
~blown away~
(excuse the pun) 

This is a little leaf maple at our gate
I've never seen it so pretty before

A pretty red leaf maple at the neighbors
my little guy doesn't have a leaf left
Oh you should see those Rody's behind the red leaf maple in the spring...spectacular
Mary's wisteria so pretty yesterday
My little weeping cherry is pretty this time of the year
But our glorious sky is what everybody was
talking about 
The good weather got me outside to take some pictures
See Spanky waiting by the door wanting to go out too....
The back door my sister built
This is our *back door* where 99.9% of our guests enter...
I have plans (see the wall on the right)
to fix our entry so everyone will know where the front door is..

The front door is under the arch in the middle of the house
but everyone parks at the top of the driveway on the right
and enters here...
~the back door~

My ivy even turns slightly red
Well it's all coming down shortly and we will button up the place
for winter

Good night Fall


  1. Beautiful photos -you know the saying "back door guests are best " :-)

  2. Thanks Kathy for the nice mention! That was so cool, and I really appreciate it. Loved seeing all you fall pictures too. I feel like we are just getting into fall here in California. Wondering where in the desert you go?
    My Mom goes ever year to Desert Hot Springs from Oregon. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you win my giveaway!

  3. Love all the photos Kathy, yours and others'. You always look so happy, and it is infectious to look at you, I smile:)

  4. Miss Kathy, you are such a humble person!! Just a sweetheart to the core! I sure do wish we lived closer!!! Maybe a fun vacation one day!


  5. Hi, nice to meet ya, Kathy! Wow, this post was just filled with the beauty of autumn!! ;-) I love fall, it's my favorite season. I will go check out that giveaway, thanks for the tip. Do you go to the CALIF desert? My aunt goes to Palm Desert October~ June (from Portland.) I usually go visit once a year and LOVE it!
    p.s. that Chanel pumpkin~ too funny!!!

  6. Wowwie! Your pictures could make it to a tourist magazine! They're gorgeous! So much fun!

  7. Gorgeous home and gorgeous yard. Great fall photos, we just get green to brown in Texas.

  8. I just had to come over after seeing your beautiful piece featured on Kim's blog. You've given me some wonderful ideas for the apartment over our garage, which like you, we keep for when our kids and grandkids (two under three) visit from the east. I'll be back!

  9. Great photos, I love all the autumn scenic shots, especially the street that has all the trees making a canopy over the road. Beautiful colours.

  10. Oh the photos from Germany made me wish we were back there again! Sighhhhh...... BTW, nice work on the "back door". Can't wait ti see you again!

  11. Wonderful photo's, I am so glad you shared them with us. They are just beautiful. I love your back door!

  12. Fantastic photos Kathy...your home is so warm and the scenery is just breathtaking. Such great family pics too.

  13. Kathy, sorry to wear you out :( It has been good to see what people think, and to see how passionate they are about it. Since it wore you out, if you ever make it to SE Ohio, a massage by me is on me!(Hope that made sense, I'll give you a free massage!) Thank you for commenting, it was perfect! Love you Kathy!

  14. Oh, what pretty shots of Autumn!! Thanks for sharing your trip & your surroundings, Kathy...they are all just beautiful.

    Your home is spectacular & I love how you've decorated it. This is my first visit to your lovely blog & I just became your newest follower, too.
    Now to refill my cuppa tea & go read some of your older postings. I know I'm in for a treat!