Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This family loves Dogs & I am missing my Kramer

This will be the last of the Reunion pictures
Are you getting sick of our family yet?
Well I am missing our little farmhouse today

Note to years project
a cupola over the chimney stack
with a cute little rooster weather vane?

Not sure we will be going back over this year
So I was going over the pictures again and
I noticed something...
Dogs, Dogs, Dogs
In almost every picture
someone is holding a

Jack & Missy
You will never see them apart
This could win a contest on
~Who looks like their dog~

Judi and Kujo

Grandma & Grandpa
with all 4 of their

Darren & Riley

Deanna & Trisha
 with Kujo

with his family

Yikes, I don't remember

Most of the gang

Kujo attacking my sheep
they also peed on them...


My Spanky

Kujo again

Jack, Darla & Devin
Kujo & Missy

Do you see
Harley's smile
This is one of my all time
favorites pictures

The Hubs with Spanky

Rodger & Winston

Nichole & Spanky

your too cute for words


Derek & Kelcy
Sofie & Rocky

Riley & Kujo
with Judi


I have combined the last 2 years of the
all the same players except

On Sept 2 last year
just after everyone went home after the reunion
got sick
His vet said we had to say
Everyone loved him
He loved me most of all
nobody has ever loved
that much
It was the first time in my life,

and I'm over 50
that I have grieved like that
It taught me a lot...
I think I am a different person after knowing
what it feels like to hurt
that much

Sweet Kramer

Everyone teased us that our dogs
looked like us
This was the last photo taken of him
I haven't forgotten you
~Boo Boo~


  1. Oh my they did look like y'all! how cute!

  2. Aww. I love the love in your heart. Kramer surely is listening & loving all the attention!! I've never seen so many dogs together! I love how they all look so cute and so like you all!! This is a sweet post!

  3. p.s. Are those sheep real?? :)

  4. My heart aches for anyone that loses a pet. I wasn't even a dog person until a couple of years ago. I have always had cats and I have had a couple of outside dogs in my life time. Now I have Bailey and when she is gone it will kill me for sure. I tear up just thinking about it. Love all the dog pics and you definitely should get a cupola with a rooster weather vane.

  5. Oh Kathy, I hate that you had to lose your little Kramer(so adorable that one), it does suck to lose a loved one. It is so darn funny that pets do look like their owners(yep, you could tell in the pick with you and hubs, which dog took after which person, lol), I just can't figure out why I don't have a nice waistline like my dogs???? Too, Harley has a nice smile!

  6. Kathy, I am so glad you liked the button on my sidebar that I did for my precious Reba. I know just what you mean about the hole it leaves in your heart. She was my princess & I still tear up & cry when I think of her,see her picture, see her empty rug(that I can't bear to get rid of). I have a picture of her that I took the day she went to be my puppy angel & bought the most amazing rhinestone covered frame (it should be amazing for $95 for a wallet size photo) to put it in. But, she was my princess & is still the princess of my heart. I hope you do a button like mine for your blog & put your sweet Krammer on it. It will always help your remember that heart beat at your feet. HUGS! Charlene

  7. Glad no one is allergic and all dog lovers. Cute pictures

  8. Well I'm glad we (Matthew and I) could come out and visit right after he died... nothing better than your adorable Grandson as a distraction right?

    PS ... not only do I think you've lost weight, but looking at this picture... I am LOVING you with longer hair!