Thursday, September 9, 2010

...........Finale of the Reunion

My Last Post on the
I promise but there are
So many pictures to share
I had to get these in too....

Cute plate our daughter
got us for Christmas
she is hiding behind it

My best friend Becki has a brother Steve (above)
He married my Hubs niece Kristin  (above)
We now share a niece
~Beautiful Bailey~

cutie pie

Devin & friend

Said Daughter
who was sick for 4 days
boo hoo

Sister-n-law Linda
Ever so helpful

Deb, Vick, Linda & Susan

Lovely daughter
healthy again
with Aunt Darla

Grandma gives good hugs

I adore my

Projects got done
notice new cover for electrical box
that matches the newly painted bird house

Beer Butt Chicken

Lovely Lilly & Spanky
My neighbor who drops by

Goodbye everybody
we will see you next year


  1. Great to have the RV for extra beds, looks like you needed them. Love times like this.

  2. I was really expecting some fireworks for the finale, but I will be happy with pics instead, lol. That plate is so neat!

  3. Twinny, I want to come next year, too. Looks like one of my husband's family reunions. He has a huge family. Still cannot get over the color of that lake. Are you there all summer? I am hoping that one summer we will rent an rv and take a trip for a couple of weeks. Just never know though. We just keep mentioning it now.

  4. Am I allowed to be jealous?? you have such beautiful family & s very many people who love you back! It's amazing!!!