Saturday, September 11, 2010

Flying the Flag in remembrance

Do you remember where you were
9 years ago today?

I can't believe it has been
~9 years~

I was in bed when my friend called
She was at the airport in Phoenix
on her way to Montana to visit us
I couldn't believe what she was saying
We rushed downstairs to turn on the TV
A few minutes later we saw the the airplane fly
into the second tower

We sat in silence
I remember later that day I went to Walmart
of all places, don't remember why I HAD to go
It was so eerie
about 10 cars in the parking lot
 there were usually hundreds

My friend never made it up
all flights were cancelled
and come to think of it.....
this is really weird
I've never seen her since

May God bless all those that lost loved ones
I can't even imagine what they go through on
~this day~


  1. I was in a meeting when another office buzzed in and said they had a tv up and running if we wanted to come and watch. I couldn't figure out what was going on (I thought it might be a space launch?). Returning to my desk, I listened to ABC radio the rest of the day. I did not want to see it. I really thought it would result in nuclear holocast. Especially when the plane hit the Pentagon.

  2. It was a very horrible day. I was watching Good Morning America when it started taking place. I will never forget Charlie Gibson and Diane Sawyer trying to figure out what was going on. I don't think I went anywhere that day, but the next day my mom and sister and I got together for my birthday to eat lunch and shop. We do it every year some time around our birthdays. We are going next Tuesday for this birthday. The only thing bad about my birthday being on the 10th now is that from now on on the 11th we have to relive this over and over. Sorry your friend never was able to come and that is strange that you haven't seen her since.

  3. I remember where I was. . . at the university coffee shop. A friend called me over to see his laptop and told me Bin Laden did it. I said "Who is Bin Laden?" I had never heard the name. From there I went upstairs to a computer lab and joined another friend already online and checking the news. It was a strange day--none of my my professors said anything about what was happening. It all seemed unreal.