Saturday, September 4, 2010

................Blackberry Pie

I am linking up to a
Big Outdoor Party at
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Here is my outdoor adventure this week
and yummm did it taste good
(note my small piece)
I am serious this is what I had
because I need to lose weight
Check out how much Melaine has lost over at
My Sweet Savannah
She looks fantastic
but don't enter that contest because
I need to win!

I have fond memories of
Black Berry Pie
My brothers and I would go picking them every year
just as school was about to start
They grow wild up here in the Northwest
My Mom would always send us with her Tupperware
and we would have a race to see who could get the most
It isn't easy picking those horrible little berries with
stickers that really hurt

When we moved to this home 3 years ago
I was so excited, giddy like a child
when I discovered this place had millions of
Invasive like they are we battle between
 killing them
 harvesting them

Up these stairs is a small forest
our back yard

Last year we had work done on our pond
I asked the guy if he would mind spending some time
clearing the brush
mostly blackberries
push it back to the neighbors fence
maybe someday I can have a playground up here
for the grand kids

This is what the entire area looked like
at the top of those steps

So push he did and  now
I have a big job
maybe next year I will tackle it
but in the meantime there are still some berries

Can you see them?

Isn't it neat how they wrapped themselves around the tree
and are just hanging there like bananas?

Look how many I got
The Hubs helped because he was out there
Cutting them back
He would just cut out a big branch that was up too high
and I would not have to fight the stickers
I only had 1 finger that got stuck
It was worth it
I missed my brothers though....


  1. How wonderful is that! They look delish meant to be for you to have them on your property. Enjoy the can make something festive with those:)

  2. That blackberry pie sure looks good. How great that you have those on your property. I picked them one time when I was twelve with some neighbors and was eaten up with chiggers. Yuck!

  3. don't you just love blackberry season??? we have a lot of them bordering one side of our property, and although they take a lot of maintenance so that they don't take over, the reward is so worth it!
    have a wonderful rest of your long weekend!

  4. Blackberries are so rare, no matter what you do, they are a treat!

  5. That pie looks DELICIOUS! I can't wait to plant blueberry and blackberry bushes around our new place! So much fun!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I really am just curious (you know like Curious George, LOL).
    Your blog looks fantastic and looking forward to seeing more of it! :)

  6. Mmmmm it looks delicious!!!
    How are you? Blessing,
    Zaira xx

  7. Your sense of creating inviting appetizers are fantastic. Yes, I like to eat some blueberry pie with you ;)

    Thank you for kind comment on my WabiSabi blog, it made me so happy.

    Please be my guest in my automn contest!

    Agneta, the swedish one ;)

  8. This takes me back to picking with my cousins. It was always a treat to go to the woods and look for blackberries, and to eat them when they are warm from the sun, yummy!

  9. Wow! I love your story and that pie!! I love food, do you know that?? You must! That's the first thing there is to know about me! About missing your brothers, aww, that made me a little teary. BUT eat up, my girl! EAT for everyone!! (Me included ;))

  10. I remember when you use to send Aaron and I out with giant tupperware bowls. Having kids now I understand that part of the reason was so we would be out of your hair and part of it was creating a memory for us. Oh and of course part of it is the wonderful pie it makes!

  11. Hey there!!

    I'm in Kalispell year round for about 3 years now :) I LOVE it. I always love meeting fellow bloggers who live in the area! Are you still in town? We have a vintage market in Somers on Sept. 18th! Would love to meet you!!! Take care and thanks for reading!! :)


  12. YUM! That pie looks amazing! We used to pick black berries and raspberries in my backyard growing up, and my Mother would make pancakes with them! Thanks for the fun memory!

  13. Blackberries are my favorite. I remember finding them growing wild while tromping through the woods as a child. Beautiful yard! We have a great little restaurant here called "Never Enough Thyme"! Great name. Linda

  14. Hi!

    Thanks for the visit to my blog! Your property is gorgeous!!! You must just love it! Those blackberries look so tasty! Come and see me again...


  15. Oh I haven't had a good pie is SO long. Yours looks wonderful.

  16. Blackberries grow wild up the hill from here, so we go up and pick them at this time of year. They can be a pain to pick....but YUM! Thanks for sharing!