Friday, September 17, 2010

My favorite coffee cup what's yours?

is having her
garage sale party this weekend
Check it out, there are so many
great finds over there...

I was sitting here drinking my coffee
wondering what I have from a garage sale
that I could brag about......
It got me thinking about my favorite little cup
that I am enjoying right now
.50 cents I got both spent

The Old Mill by
Johnson Brothers

I love this cup so much I thought about getting the rest of the set
Yikes too much $
I will wait for another garage sale find

But this got me thinking about

~Coffee Cups~

Do you have a favorite cup?

We Seattleites have a looooove for
Think Starbucks
Seattle's Best

I remember my first
There was a cute little coffee shop book store
right next to our office
she brought in
mochas for everyone
We all started out with one or two a week
then eventually everyday, we were all
and I had never been a coffee drinker before
This was back in the day when we would travel somewhere and
you could not find a Starbucks

My daughter's first job was at the local Espresso Stand
and she made good money
some days it could be $70 in tips
 for a 15 year old that was doing
darn good

Then it became all about the
Then about the
cup holders
in the car
This is a true story....
I literally traded in a car for a new one because I wanted
~cup holders~
Is this showing my age,
they actually made cars in my day
without cup holders...

I have a favorite cup
The one that I look for and if it's not clean
I will settle for one of these

I love the size
not too small
not too big

The color has to be right
2% and on special occasions
creamer...oh love that
peppermint creamer
at Christmas time
you see I'm not a big coffee drinker like

~The Hubs~

He likes his black
nothing frilly about his coffee ever and
sorry Starbucks he likes Folgers
He likes big mugs

About 7 years ago while traveling back East
We were at a
I was looking at all the pretty mugs and wondered why they didn't have any mugs with
cities on them for tourists...
So I put in a comment card and Starbucks sent me back a nice thank you...
~no gift card for my suggestion~
A few years back I started noticing their mugs with the name of the
town or country on them

So we started collecting them
Every city we go to that is special I have to look for a Starbucks
once, while we were in
(love, love, love, that place)
I proudly told the Starbucks employee I was from
"Seattle, the home of Starbucks"
 she said
"Grey's Anatomy?"
So that is what Seattle is known for around the world I guess...
I thought it was
What is your favorite mug in the morning?

~Here are some of ours~

These are too special to use

This is the Hubs very favorite one
 he loves the size and of course the little
Matthew Man
the kids got him this for fathers day

Very proud of this one

Another small one and favorite of mine

Love this mug but too big for my coffee
good for hot cocoa

The Hubs Harley mug

Just sits and looks pretty
too big for me and too frilly for him
The set that goes with the everyday dishes
 The set that goes with another everyday

My favorite store in the whole world
This store is worth a trip to Seattle

The good stuff
Halls of Ivy
Someone told me when picking out your
make sure it doesn't have much of  a pattern or you might not like it later
simple and elegant and you will always love it
~so true~

The Coffee Area
Because the Hubs is really into coffee...all day
I chose to have it separate from the kitchen in the
pantry room or coffee room as we refer to it
This room needs help and is on my list of
projects to spruce up

This spoon is sacred and the perfect scoop
He had to get one just like it for the garage
and our other homes
The only place for magnets

My girlfriend and my favorite little lunch spot is
 and I think of her everyday when I see this

So True Friends
Don't forget to head on over to


  1. Wow, you have a lot of cups!!! Love your favorite the most. Quite a nice coffee room their. First thing I thought to change it is to paint the cabinets black, but they are fine as is.

  2. Hi there, I'm your newest follower! What a darling blog you have, and what a wonderful collection of coffee, fun!!

    Thank you for your nice comments on my blog, you are so sweet! Have a great weekend and I look forward to following you! =) XO ~Liz

  3. Hi Kathy...first thank you for joining added the wrong button though lol lol!!~ It is the garage salen button today, not the before and after...I know I am confusing people now with all my parties. OK now onto your collection of cups. I have a favorite one too...yours is perfect in size though. I am a coffee fool, have been for many years now. You look like you have a mini starbucks going on there. Not to mention your awesome cup collection. Thanks so much Kathy for joining me, even if you are party confused!!~:) You must have drank too much coffee. Have a great weekend. Debbie XXX000

  4. You do have a lot of cups! Thanks so much for stopping by & leaving a note,so nice to meet you. And I'm happy you enjoyed the ATL home feature. Please come by to see me again!

  5. See, this is why we get along so well!!! Can you believe I didn't start drinking coffee until last year? I am going to have to post on that, it was an experience!!! I will also show my favorite cups. Is this ok with you, I don't want to be unoriginal, but I LOVE coffee now and like you, mochas are ADDICTING!!! Maybe you should have a linky party about favorites Kathy, start with coffee cups! Thanks for the comment on my mirror, it was hard to pass up, especially since I've been thinking on finding one for a year! Let me know about that party!!

  6. Your blog is wonderful!! I love your china and all your teacups!!

  7. You should drink from the Oma cup. I just pulled out some rice bowls from Japan that I have never used because they are too pretty and I don't want to break them. You have to use it otherwise it's just taking up space. I'm breaking out the pretty chopsticks too. We'll have to do sushi or something when you come out.

  8. So fun to read this while drinking my coffee! Love your china...I went with plain and elegant as well!

  9. I LOVE this post!!! It had me smiling end to end!!!! Can you tell I am a coffee person? AND a mug person??!!!! I love your mugs!

  10. Great and fun post. You have some amazing coffee cups and mugs..
    I love coffee, too, and have for all my looong life...DUNKIN DONUT coffee is THE BEST ! :))

  11. I love your post! My favorite mug for the year is one I picked up from Stein Mart.. "Family... As a family we understand each other only as a family can. A family is forever and there is no other family like ours." That about says it all for me.
    I have never found a coffee that at Starbucks that I can drink guilt-free, but for some reason their hot Chai-Tea is to die for... but I do ask for all skim milk and 12 pumps of chai. Yum-yum!! On a cold day, I love to go to Target, get my chai tea and casually shop. It's the best retreat!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Ladybug Creek

  12. What a great collection of coffee mugs, and what a nice tour of your coffee area. Thanks for sharing it!

  13. Hi Kathy.. it's me again!! Copy my mantel decor all you want. By the way, you and I have the same coffeemaker. Since we love our coffee, we must agree also that it's the best! I've had three of them and also bought one for my parents. Yayyy!!
    Ladybug Creek

  14. YEA, Another Peninsula blogger! I love your blog, and how forthright and honest you are when you write your posts!

    Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself, we will have to go for coffee/tea, sadly I gave up drinking coffee about 10 weeks ago, yes I am counting like an alcoholic! ;) I had to switch to Green Tea...I will tell that story sometime soon...anyhoo, hope your having a wonderful week so far, hasn't the weather been great? Love it here so much!!!