Sunday, September 12, 2010

.....Beautiful & A My Sweet Savannah sighting....

My beautiful Daughter-n-law is a blogger too
Melanie of
Bowl of Oranges

Gratuitous picture of someone we
both adore

She is also a hairdresser and I never know
I am going to see

 has a crafty blog, full of projects
She is a very talented & busy
Mom, Wife, Employee
I don't know how she keeps up with it all
 finds time to spend a day with her

We had fun at Kirkland's
 French Flea Market

This is *Sweets* Mom helping out
I bought me a couple of those

We  OK me, saw, stalked 
(can't live a day without her blog)
Beautiful Melaine
 (not Melanie but Melaine) in Mah Lane

It is easy to make that mistake, everyone does it.
I did and she was so sweet when correcting me last year
when I saw stalked her at another flea market.

I've been to her home for her *Open House* at Christmas time
where I bought martini glasses and things she  made.
I've made her recipes (even keep one in my little Chef man on the counter).
Bought furniture just so I can see stalk  her and have a reason to go through her gorgeous home.
I told her she was
 Julia Roberts
Poor thing is probably scared to
But I had my Melanie (Mel ah nee)
with me to keep me from being arrested for harassment!
We got a pillow today from Melaine
for Melanie & Aaron's bedroom that she is wanting to re-do
which she just posted about
and you can see
OK are you confused yet?
I have a beautiful daughter-n-law

another *somebody* we both
Who allowed me to stalk
a beautiful blogger Melaine

It was a great day!

P.S. the boys came and met us for lunch

we went to
The restaurant  Melaine told me was her favorite place to eat
I had the Butternut squash enchilada

Melaine's favorite
I had to go find stalk her again and tell her it was delicious
She now has a restraining order out on me....
Sure is a good thing she doesn't live across the country,
that could seriously cut into the


  1. Cute post Kathy. Melanie looks great and so do you:) I bet she appreciates your stalkfullness regarding her. Looks like a fantastic day.

  2. Are those pics from yesterday. Are y'all already cold enough to need sweaters. Geez. We are still in the low nineties. You better quit stalking and I was wondering how to pronounce her name. Melanie is so cute!

  3. Adorable! This post, your day, your family...all of it! Well done!

  4. Not sure if my first comment went thru(@#$% computer!), more or less said nice sweater, grandkids look like uncle(I hope I am right on that one), and you are funny!

  5. You make me laugh!!! You are so cute, so are Melanie & Malaine! I love the family picture of them you took. And your blurry picture is too cute!

  6. You know, I never realised her name was Melaine until now. Looks like such a fun day.

  7. Kathy you are too sweet! I had lots of fun, I love going to these things with's not exactly as if Aaron will come with me!

  8. Loved your posting!! So curious about the butternut enchiladas. This almost looks like a gluten-free meal. Cool!
    I'll be back.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Ladybug Creek

  9. You are a riot! I am sure she adores her new friend (stalker). Wonderful day, wonderful shopping, wonderful daughter-in-law, wonderful male escorts and wonderful meal. What a wonderful day!

  10. Hi ;) Nice pitshures:)

    Im from Norway !! The land of the vikings !!