Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Anthropologie & Tofu fries

Just last year my
City Slicker Bestie

 Introduced me to

I had never been in a store quite like it...
I was swept away with emotion

This picture courtesy of  decortoadore

Then she introduced me to
Tofu fries at

never knew those existed...
again swept away with emotion

I think I need to get to the city more often...

It's a bit of a drive for me to go
but so worth the visit
It was a great day in the city
and in the burbs
just look at the sea today
just seconds from home

I told C.J. today I can't think of
(which I think about a lot)
without thinking of
I love them both


  1. tofu fries... really. I don't think I could go there. But I spend lot's of time dreaming in Anthropologie. We agree on that one.

  2. I have never heard of tofu fries either. Must be a Seattle thing. No Anthropologie close by me. That is a fun store to shop in though. I don't know why they don't put on in the mall near me.

  3. YUM on the fries. And YUM to antro...that store just gives me goosebumps when I go in. However, I rarely buy anything....for one way too expensive and for two I am cheap!!~

  4. Never been to Anthro, and I will take your word those tofu fries are good. How awesome that you associate those things with your friend, that evokes emotion in me!

  5. I love Anthro too, that store can be bad news for the wallet sometimes!!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, so nice to "meet" you : )

  6. Anthropologie had me staring at the mugs!

  7. OK, tofu fries are new to me as well...and now I am so curious!

  8. I've never been to Anthropology but I am going to see if there is one near me! Never had Tofu fries and not sure I am ready yet! The city is fun but I really enjoy being out in the burbs/rural land!