Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ladies...A trip the Guys planned

The Hubs wanted to take his
out for a spin with the guys
~the men~
 planned the whole trip
us girls went along for the ride

see how far away Mt Rainier is.....
He and his buddy built this from scratch
well from an old rusty beat up green thing

It started out chilly in the morning
we were the only ones that had no top
notice the hats that mom crocheted for us that match the car

Well the boys wanted to go around
~Mt Rainier~
It was beautiful

Once we got in Eastern Washington is was Hot
We drove through Wapato
which is wine country and
toured..well drank too much at

It was time to get a room and
~The Barn~
In Prosser
had the best dinner for the price

But the rooms....hmmmm
better left unsaid

The next morning they wanted to make it up to us with
Hey I'll have chocolate in the morning
This place is famous for it's chocolate covered

See, Eastern Washington is known for fruit...
Apples, Peaches, Pears

Then on the way home they took us to
Home of the bluebirds
cutest little town...

The Hens Nest B&B

The Motley Crew

There are a million little bluebird
along the drive

all painted with blue roofs
a nice long drive with perfect winding roads and no traffic so the guys could
~open em up~
ahhh.... that's why we went up through Bickleton
wide open roads, it's amazing that I could even get a shot of the
since we were going 80mph (at least) on a winding road for miles
every mans dream I think...

We stopped along the road to stretch....
We came back along the Columbia River
which seperates Oregon and Washington

and had a little wine & cheese & crackers
It was a beautiful trip with good friends, good wine and best of all
The guys did all the planning

Way to go Hubs!


  1. Oh that looks like a fun trip. Friends, food and wine. What could be better and beautiful views.

  2. My kinda day there Kathy!!~ Looks gorgeous...really it does not get any better than that IMO!

  3. I want to be there! I want to be there! This is sooooo pretty! I want me some cheese please!

  4. So Fun! What a great trip and a super bunch of hubbies. You live in such a beautiful place and I love those sporty cars!

  5. Looks like so much fun Kathy!!! Beautiful views, don't think I could have done the winding roads(I get car sick easily, wimpy, I know!).

  6. How fun, our convertible is in the garage waiting for $$ to repair. House first, car second. But oohhh the is the right time of year to go road tripping. Great guys!