Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Welcome to the Front Porch

I am in
 mode this month
we love our little
we used to spend 6 months a year
now we come just in the summer for our annual
~family reunion~
that will be next week
we have been doing yardwork
The Hubs created a monster
over the last 10 years....

We will start with the
front porch...
Check out the
 Before & After Party at

Outdoor Wednesdays at


my beloved Kramer on the right
may he R.I.P


Winter..... dahhh

Summer last year
before we lost our roses & pond

Now for this year

I'm not sure  the name of these pretty little
but I love them....

Some more yard
~before & afters~

The Hubs and Brother Bill made this wagon.....
very cool, but I only filled it with flowers 2 years
too much work watering and
tough seeing the deer destroy all that
hard work

Our 5 acre
*working farm*
the only thing working on it is

We have the most beautiful green lake
no one really knows why it turns
such a beautiful color

years prior

years prior.....

newly painted pump
newly stained barrel
newly pecked by
Woody Woodpecker.....

notice giant hole in the barrel

I like the orange mums with the red pump

Hubs made this a few years ago
I planted,
 a group effort
for 2 accounting types this is
big for us!

Newly stained and loving my Zinnias this year
they are suppose to be deerproof
we will see
4 nights and counting

More to come,
we are almost done


  1. Oh my gosh Kathy that place is unbelievable...really it just is breathtaking in every way....this is perfect for the Before and After party...

  2. Wow, what a great place. I know that is a lot of work. Everything is beautiful.

  3. What an adorable front porch! Your property is just beautiful!

  4. Oh goodness gracious, that's just awe inspiring! I can't even imagine waking up to something like that!!! How beautiful and breathtaking it is!!!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I just love my new cherub:) Keep trying with the giveaways, you will win! Believe it or not I have now won 4 and the weird thing is the people I won from are in my top 10 favorite blogs! Everytime I see the things I won it makes me think of the amazing women I won them from...So don't give up:)

  5. I thought I was already a follower but didn't see my little face on here!! It is there now!!

    I absolutely LOVE your place. I can't imagine not living there full time! My husband is in awe of it right now! Especially the lake.

    Your farmhouse front porch and yard just looks amazing. As for the wagon, I think that is so cool! I would plant marigold seeds each year because once they start growing, you don't have to do much watering and the smell keeps the deer from eating them!! (I planted them in our front yard for that reason!)

    Take care and thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!

  6. Wow, what a DREAM place! That's my dream! Having a place with lots of land, wow. I'm speechless. You are indeed very blessed! Keep posting pictures!

  7. Beautiful place, lime is probably the reason for the green:) Sorry about your little guy:(

  8. I just was looking back through posts I missed. Your place has the most stunning views and that lake is so pretty. Not blue like that around here.