Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Life on the farm

We have gotten all that we are going to do done!
It has been 2 weeks of never ending yard work
getting ready for our family reunion
they will all converge
I made a vat of potato salad
and the fridge is full
so bring em on......

We call this a farm, we don't farm anything
a few years back in Vermont we saw the cutest little
we had to have some of our own
aren't they just the cutest

The Hubs created this monster
He weed eats all around the posts

Can you imagine weed eating all around this place?

He also mows, his favorite thing to do, really...
I think men like to mow because
then they don't have to hear us ????
See him out there?

This little guy got a make-over a few years ago
isn't he cute?

Almost 5 acres of mowing...

The poor little willow died this year in a
huge fall frost, we think he might come back
I loved this willow he was so beautiful

We love "ole green" look how loaded down
with red rock he is...3 loads this year

Lots of work to unload it but worth it!

The North side gets mowed with the tractor

The valley is hazy today with smoke from
the fires in Canada

Some people are out having fun on the lake,
but no we are working hard
there is no rest for my Hubs......

Wait what's this, and Spanky too

I guess he deserves it!


  1. This Farm is unbelievable Kathy...the water is so blue too....Have a wonderful family fun filled time....and take lots of pictures too!

  2. I did not know you were on a lake. It is so pretty. That is a lot to mow and weedeat, but I love mowing, too. Me not my husband. I only let him do the weedeating. I hate that part even though I do it too. I need a new weekwacker. The one I have I cannot start because the rope hangs up. Hope you have a great time with your family.

  3. No wonder he doesn't want to weed the ivy in GH. That would discourage anyone from ever weeding or mowing again. On another note, The place looks better than it ever has. Nice job Gary. You too sis.