Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shopping Montana Style

Our little
is here visiting this week
I love this girl
as if she were my own
Her Dad had to be on a conference call almost all day
So we made a visit to
One of the best little shopping towns around the
Flathead Valley

Loved this little shop
She made me get this hat
If you live in Montana you must have a

We had to eat lunch...isn't this funny
Sushi and a cowboy hat

Sake to me Sushi
 is one of the best I've had Montana sushi?

This was last week with my good friend
who told us about this place

Montana is getting ready for the fall

This little guy was $2800
He's cute but not that cute.......

There is a lot of money
in Bigfork
Lots of celebrities and
wealthy people
come to retire and
live around
Flathead Lake

so that means ....
great shopping or for me
window shopping

The BigFork Inn
a beautiful landmark
into the town
Isn't she so cute?

Love their sign
and their windows

I couldn't get enough of this building

Not very big in size but huge in

Wish I would have taken more pictures of the
beautiful shops
Guess I better go back?


  1. You can take me shopping there! Guess that means you'll have to go back at some point with me. Still can't believe you haven't ever invited me there!!

  2. I just discovered your blog, and I can't wait to see more! My aunt and uncle had a ranch near Hardin, so I always loved going for a visit! He passed away, and she has since moved to Spearfish SD, but I have lots of wonderful memories of the ranch and the big sky country!

  3. Love your hat!!! The big fork in place looks like a beautiful place to stay at!

  4. I love the rooster you choose to show. Blessings, Janet