Sunday, January 10, 2010

I love the Becky/i's in my life!

Yesterday Becki and I had our girly day.  First off we started with pedicures at Gene Juarez, this was my Christmas gift from her this year, the most relaxing wonderful thing a girl to do to her feet.  It is their signature ped-spa with a parafin dip.  Becki and I sit in a room just for the two of us for an hour drinking our latte's and enjoying uninterupted girl talk.  Then off to lunch at Anthonys down on Ruston Way.  The fish tacos were great, but the cosmos maybe more so.......Then another highlight.....Hello Cupcake in downtown Tacoma.  A cute little place with cupcakes to die for, I got the vanilla coconut.  The best cupcake I have ever had. 

It was a lovely day and we need more of them!

I got home to a package that arrived from Aunt Becky (the other Becky in my life)......Christmas presents that arrived late (she thought we were heading down south and I would see her sooner ).  Oooooh La laaaaaaaa....everything Paris.  I love Paris and she gets me!  The chandelier ornament is like nothing I have ever seen and would have bought it had I seen it first.  A snow globe of the Tour de Eiffel and the coolest heavy plaque with Paris on it. A little box that says "everything Paris" on it with a little book, flag, magnets, etc in there and the most beautiful mistletoe  I have ever seen with a huge crystal hanging below it......more beautiful deer ornaments......even the wrapping was gorgeous and wish I had taken a picture of that! 

I am so blessed to have the best girlfriends....I love my Becki/y's!!!


  1. So so glad you loved your gifts. I did have fun shopping for them. It brought back many wonderful memories of our trip to Europe.
    We'll always have Paris...Germany...Switzerland...Nice...ect...

  2. Kathy,
    Thanks for your comment! I do know the granite you are referring to and I would never put a colour like 'stone' with it. Fresh colours would work probably better than the more goldy/orangy beigy tones like the ones you have used but those wouldn't be entirely wrong either. It's just that the blue speck is a fresh/bright blue which is why the fresh tones would work better with it. Send me a photo if you like and I'll give you my opinion!

  3. I need a girly day, you are so lucky to have a friend like that, Oh I just realized I need to go look at that email you sent me :)

  4. I agree, girlfriends are the best!