Sunday, January 3, 2010


The kids are down this weekend so I will have to start  resolutions after Matthew leaves cause there is no time in between playing with him to waste on resolutions!

We are discovering the toys that make this little mans world rock: A construction box that makes noise when the blocks go in the right holes.  He loves this thing and carries it around everywhere and never tires of it.

Also for Christmas his parents got a MP3 player for just him!  Oh this is a hit and if you can afford the $60 price tag do it.  Our favorite song they have loaded is the Beetles "All you need is love".

Matthew's favorite thing to do here though is be with Opa.  The read, they play "horsey" and just hang out. Oma is a bit jealous, but just a bit.  It is fun to see the little man be such a little man.

We did get lots of stuff done this weekend so that those resolutions can get started.

 Cleaning Closets: which means boxing up all Matthew's newborn baby clothes to go to Aunt Annie and the new little Monkey Man due end of February.

 Getting the Wii fit set up so I can start on that.

 Getting my new Rosetta Stone set up for my daily French lessons.

But it's the list I have yet to write......after Matthew leaves!

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  1. It is hard to get things done when the little darlings need to be entertained - so cute!