Monday, October 19, 2009

..........Zirndorf, Gary's Army base for 3 years

We spent the day trying to figure out how to get our GPS (Gertie) to help us find Zirndorf where Gary was based in the Army for 3 years.....come to find out there are several Zirndorfs.  We left early in the a.m. (good thing) and started south from Rothenburg along a country road through many little villages.  Very pretty drive and finally 40 miles later we hear Gertie say "you have reached your destination".   Hummm not much more than a few homes and cow pastures.......  The only time that Gertie got lost on the trip and started us out of town and going into circles (don't blame her as cow pastures are not easily maneuvered around).  Well after getting to the big city that Gary remembered as being close we sat downtown (like Seattle size downtown) until I found a girl that worked in a spa that helped me look up "Pinder Barracks army base".  It was only 10km away and off we went....sometimes Gertie needs a bit of help with streets when there are too many Zirndorfs.

Gary didn't recognize much more than the steeple that was the front gate of Pinder because it is all housing now and a development called Pinder Park.....we found his favorite Pub the Cafe Bub took a few pictures had lunch/dinner and off we were back to the kids for the night.  The weather was snowing and traffic heavy and bless Gertie's heart she took around the bad traffic which was so cool because it was through vineyards near a town called Heilbronn.

Gertie is wonderful and I LOVE is a love/hate relationship with Gary as she is always telling him he is going to fast and repeating continually instructions.   I love that I am no longer the Nag!  Gertie is very expensive, Gary went to buy one and she is $500.00...... hummmm he is thinking about much does he really want another woman in his life...we are expensive.
After a few days away it was good to get back to our nighttime ritual of reading Mattie to sleep!

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