Monday, October 19, 2009

.................Salzburg, Austria

Last weekend we traveled south with Annie & Mattie to Salzburg, Austria.  It was about a 4 hour drive however with lots of traffic we made it in about 5 hours.  We drove through Munich and then right through the toll into Austria which we had no idea was a LARGE penalty, more later on that.  The main event for Gary and Annie in Salzburg was the Eagles Nest.  This was Hitlers home way up in the Bavarian Alps.  Very scenic place and very historic.  Well the weather was calling for snow/rain so right off  I am not excited about this knowing it is HIGH up in the Alps...I've seen the "Hitler Channel" and this place.

 Annie had Gertie dialed into the "Nest" right off the bat...I wanted to go to the hotel first but we were running out of daylight.  We passed up Salzburg and kept right on traveling.  Did I mention it was snowing now and there was an accumulation piled on the side of the road, check the pictures. Mattie and I were in the back and I was begging to be let out at the nearest hotel, any hotel and getting yelled at from the drivers as we climbed and climbed up the one lane road until finally we started going down and everyone figured out that something was not right so we stopped at a hotel .....this is the hotel for the ski lifts!  Well due to the heavy snowfall and projected snow the Eagles Nest had closed for the season that day.........oh what joy and sorrow in that car.

We got in our hotel, very lovely place and changed into rain gear and off to the marketplatz to enjoy the very interesting shopping and statues.  I had no idea that this is where Mozart was from and we got to see his birthplace, home and museum.  We had one of the best meals I've ever had from the St Peters restaurant, the oldest one in that is saying something.  A 3 course meal of soup and then game hen with a danish in it somehow and sauce and some kind of a cheese,  then a chocolate souffle with coffee ice cream and currants on the stem.......perfection.

Our room had a loft for Mattie & Ann that worked out so perfect.  We had taken the Pak-n-Play and Mattie slept like a log.  Ann & I took a sauna and steam while Opa babysat and read.  When laying in bed the huge fortress was out our high window with lights on it, what a surprise when I layed down.  A very cool sight to fall asleep to.

 Gary and I would really like to return here in the summer sometime, the pictures of this area look incredible and from everything we read it is one of the most beautiful places in all of Europe.  I am sorry we didn't make the "Nest", well good enough reason to return.

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