Friday, December 9, 2011

New Kitchen Chandy it's a Dandy

A finished project
I couldn't be more excited
I've had this chandy for months
bought it on sale at Ethan Allen from my friend 

I just love the detail in this chandy

I was showing her pictures of ones I liked for months
and then one day she calls and says she saw one in the 
~clearance room~
I rushed down and bought it
that was several months ago

we both thought it was black
it wasn't
it was
dark, dark, green...

so finally a few days ago I got up the nerve to spray paint it
hung it from the hanging basket
hanger thingy

 needs to be thanked for giving me the encouragement
like she said 
"it's easy"
she was right....
it couldn't have been more easy
it was cold outside and dried very fast

yesterday Rog came by and put it up
he's asking how high to put it
yikes that was a tough one
I had to go look at pictures
notice we have one bulb in to see
if it works

I had bought for like 5 bucks each some shades that were adhesive
so I cut out the pattern they give you and stuck the fabric right on there
then put the sticky trim on
JoAnn Fabric for this stuff


the hubs walked in and didn't notice until I pointed it out
~he loved it~

I couldn't have been more proud of myself
the easiest, simplest project
and here I had put it off 
so intimidated by it

Ok I'm ready for another! 

did you notice it's the same fabric I used on the 

Master bath reveal
coming next


  1. Your fixture is fabulous. I love the shape and the disc in the center. Your shades are also just perfect. You did a great job. It looks fabulous in your beautiful kitchen. Hugs, Marty

  2. Well done! Isn't it satisfying to get a bargain and then make it into a thing of beauty? I'll bet your house is looking fantastic for Christmas!

  3. Kathy, I love it and what a great job on the shades. I adore the pillow on your settee. Watch out you will be painting everything.

  4. Wow! What a statement. I just love it in your beautiful kitchen Kathy. Your whole home is amazing!

  5. You go girl! Told ya so, and glad you did. It is a gorgeous chande, and the black is perfect. You would never know you spray painted it.

  6. It looks fabulous Kathy! I love your new chandelier--it's perfect over your island. I bought a chandelier once that I thought was black too. When I got it home, I discovered it is dark green. Eventually I'll spray paint it like you did.