Monday, July 11, 2011

So busy this last week

What a busy, busy week or so..
We had Matthew for a week
a huge 4th of July bash
family pop by
friends drop in
a 20 person dinner party
a boating get together
and full on master bath re-model
going on
WHEW !!!!

Have I mentioned lately
puppy training still in progress

It's all I can do
to keep up on my favorite blogs
let alone write a post
so here is a bunch of pictures
to catch up a bit..

My good friend Jo and her grands
(what cutie pah tuties)
came down to the Harbor for an evening

Matthew kicking back in Opa's lap

My feeble attempt at Layla's MIL's
Key lime cake
it was way better than it looked

Matthew hanging out

s'mores over a fire....
couldn't taste the difference
The Holiday
weekend had perfect weather

The kids taking Matthew for a stroll
Then that night we had
A great 4th party
with good friends

and family...
did I mention my dil
is carring my 4th grandchild
Isn't she beautiful..
It was a perfect day
at my Dads

Then Friday night we had another party for friends that came back in town for the summer
~cutie couple~
whom we miss so much
but if you have to go to Florida in the winter
then you have to go...

so we celebrated
big time
their arrival
There were 20 people here
for dinner and well...

whoo hoo

a couple of these and well
let's just say
I forgot where the camera was!

It was so much fun!!!

Then the next morning my
Seattle city slicker bestie called...
they were headed for
Gig Harbor in their boat

That's another post coming up...

But this morning the crew is here...
 back to the bath remodel
the door to the toilette room gone
the carpet gone

new pocket door going in to the
~toilette room~
ok do you all agree the
blue toilet has to go?

and the glass block should go too
now that it doesn't cover anything up..

Don't worry I have a solution for hiding
the very
but necessary
yes as unsightly as it is I
for all the obvious reasons...

and that puppy....
whom I also love
~most of the time~

gets all of us up several times a night
~ still~
any suggestions?
Even the Spanx is exhausted all day!!
I can't wait to share pictures of our
~boating weekend~
but first I have to take a nap with Spanky


  1. Whew...Kathy that was a LOT in one week! Time for a visit to a spa or at least onto a boat and out to where you can just float, sip a glass of wine and look at the clouds go by (and be taken out for dinner afterwards!)

  2. Kathy,

    I can't stop laughing of the face you made after drinking the shot! Oh.. great times, eh???

    I wish we lived closed... I think you're so fun, so full of life!

    Have a nice day!


    Luciane at