Thursday, July 14, 2011

NW Harbor Architecture & A Boat Party

I love living in
~Gig Harbor~

I get to say Gig Harbor
because that's our address

We are not actually in the
we are around the corner in
~Henderson Bay~
just over the
~Purdy spit bridge~

I love coming home and crossing that bridge...
seeing the tide way out..
or sometimes the waves are wildly whipping in the wind

or some days it is so calm it is like a lake...

We've only been here 4 years
and I have really grown to
it here

 last Saturday..
our good friends from Seattle
just hopped in their boat and came down for the

we got to go touring around the area with them
~Captain Doug~

Just a last minute
"are you going to be around today?"


Lucky Us
I love the homes on the water but don't
get the chance to take pictures of them often
I grabbed my camera and here is what you find
on the water in the NW

these are in the Harbor

The one on the right
I toured a few years ago
it was for sale for
4.5 million
they wanted to move to L.A.
where their children are in the movie industry
the son is a movie star and darned if I can't remember his name
it's still for sale..
and I'm guessing for half the price it was
I loved everything about it..
I wonder if the boat comes with it?

These are condos

I'm not crazy about modern
especially in the Harbor
are you?

Now this one I love

I would love this home in

This is at the end of the Harbor

Our good friends just bought the home with
the A-frame roof and tall chimney
we are so glad they made the move here
On the far right is the famous
Anthony's Seafood Restaurant
after having dinner there our friends
climb those stairs home
can you see the stairs?

The gray house on the left with the white trim & blue awning
is another set of friends
this is the area where they take the pictures of the Harbor for the one I used at the top
they have the million dollar view from their place

Leaving the Harbor
we troll past the famous
~tides tavern~

These homes are right at the mouth of the harbor
There is new construction going on

They have to park up above..
hmmm not sure I would like that

look at these cute little cabins...
all have to be walked down to

There were so many beautiful homes above the water
I could be out there all day!

Ok this one I would have to say is a

and our destination...
our good friends
and their
beautiful home

I am in love, no
with their home
inside and out done to

both the new one and the
"yellow house"
belong to them

The yellow one is for sale...
we are trying to get our
Seattle Besties
interested so they will be closer...

just look at their new view
can you see
Mt Rainer above Tacoma?

I think they're bonding...
We headed back to Gig Harbor
under the Tacoma Narrows bridge

that afternoon my Dad brought his boat over
and we all hooked up together

Did you notice the name of my Dad's boat
he loves me...

yeah they did jump in their boat and meet us in town for dinner..
They are going to tie up to our
Seattle Besties boat
notice they fly the Swedish and Finnish
we had a bit of wind but it was a nice warm day

I somehow missed a getting a picture of their marvelous boat
that we spent the day on

the whole family came

more bonding...
Dad BBQ'd hamburgers
we enjoyed the harbor

and the company

and it was
a fantastic evening

Thanks to our good friends
who just called to say
"are you going be around today?"

I hope she can someday leave her darling
cottage on Lake Washington and come
south to be closer
we have so much fun together!


  1. Kathy, you are living the good life for sure. Beautiful homes and wonderful views. Your favorite was mine, too. When do you go back to Montana?

  2. What a day - we see the Rainier and Mt Baker from here too.

  3. Kathy, you look like you are having the time of you life. Gig Harbor looks A M A Z I N G!! Boating activities, good friends near by, and your gorgeous home....ahhh, the good life! ;) What fun! Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures with us. What a sweet Dad you have, too! =) XOXO ~Liz

  4. Kathy, I have to say I love where I live. But yours would be my second pic, I just love it. Looks like an awesome day.

  5. Wow, I would always stop what I was doing to hang with them. Looks like you had a great time. Wonderful tour of the bay/harbour.