Saturday, May 28, 2011

We made Coastal Living Magazine!!

We have our flag proudly waving
this weekend

Well it proudly waves all the time
unless there is no wind

But today there is wind
 Downtown Gig Harbor
there is just about always
~a little wind~
Can you see Mt Rainier through the clouds?

 My neighbor Mary and I had lunch at the
~Green Turtle~
where this picture was taken,
famous little place...
right at the mouth of the harbor

right next to the
much more famous
~Tides Tavern~

Have you heard of the
well if you read
~Coastal Living Magazine~
you would have seen 
that the *Tides* made one of...

~American's Best Seafood Dives~

1st in Washington State!!!
This is in the current issue...

Last month...
the May issue
~Gig Harbor~
had a 4 page spread in
Coastal living Magazine
Folks we are on the

This is exciting stuff!!!!!

Around here everyone knows about the
people come from all over with their boats
for an evening of world famous
~I can say that now~
fish & chips

In the summer my Dad comes with his boat
and a group of friends from Tacoma
usually once a week
and we drive downtown to meet him..

This is the  first place sister Becky wants to go
when she comes in town
seriously right after unpacking
we headed to town
for fish & chips
her favorite place

and their
aren't bad either

~especially the 2nd one~

See their dock that is usually full of
but not on this cloudy day

They sell

If you take your picture with their T-shirt on
in front of a famous destination
they will put your picture on their wall
they have hundreds of pictures of people
all over the world

I need to get this copied
the Hubs would surely get on their
I love our little
~Gig Harbor~
Do you know what
A small little gig would go into harbors back in the old days
to see if the harbor was deep enough for the big ships to get in
that's what I was told anyway..
~sounds good to me~

We are a tourist town with bed & breakfasts
lots of cute shops and a new museum..
just a short drive off the Bremerton ferry from Seattle
come see us...
we'll meet you at the Tides!

Have ya'll been having problems with blogger?
I can't leave comments or even post
most of the time...
What's up with that???


  1. Wow, what a beautiful place you live in! Enjoy your weekend. x Sharon

  2. We hear so much about Gig Harbour, but just never seem to make it on our trips to your neck of the woods - but if we do make it some day I'll give you a 'heads up' to meet me at that now-famous place!

  3. How exciting! Such a cute name too...Gig:) I love fish and chips, being English my dad is always on a mission to find good ones. They go up to Canada for the summers and he's found a few good places in Toronto.

    Your sister looks like she's really enjoying that Cosmo!!!

    Yes, we've all been having trouble with commenting and then everyone's follower widget went MIA for a while too. One solution for now, when you sign into your Google account to comment, UNcheck the 'stay signed in' box and that seems to help.

  4. Oh GEEZZZ girl! You HAD to post that picture?? LOL, But yes, those where mighty fine Cosmos. Well deserved after a 15 hour train ride!!!! Did you ever call the magizine asking for your "missing" copy?

  5. Ahhh...that looks awesome!~ How fun, and how exciting to have that great place so close to home. Enjoy the weekend Kathy!~ We have our flag hanging proudly too.

  6. Such a pretty place and it looks like you guys were having a wonderful time. Hugs, Marty

  7. how fun does that place look rain or shine!

  8. I did have some trouble with pictures loading for a day, but that is it. I have seen the blank follower space on some blogs too. No comment problems. Patience I guess.

  9. beautiful place! love seeing the images. happy new week

  10. That is awesome that you are "world famous"!!!

    I have been having blogger problems too, but they seem to have gone away, for now that is!!!

    I wish I could get my pictures to be as big as yours. I just can't seem to figure it out!!

    Happy Memorial Day!!