Monday, May 30, 2011

A special announcement

Grandchildren are such a blessing

DC cupcakes
I'm jealous

I am really missing these two
so far away

I'm sure he is talking to me on the phone here
because he is smiling

Here they are surely dreaming of

I got to have Matthew the other day
and we went to the shore and he met a

Then a trip to
the kids shoe department

My son says they have a better
than the zoo does
full of Nemo characters
whom Matthew

Dorey was his favorite..
He didn't want to leave 
 Oma hated to be the one to make him, so...
I  made Aaron meet me in there
 he got to do the evil parent thing of
making a 2 year old do something he doesn't want to

My Son texted me a quote yesterday..

"Children are often spoiled cause no one will spank Grandma"


Well our fantastic news is that Matthew is going to have a
they are due
December 28th
Oma & Opa can't wait
Merry Christmas
for sure

Thank you
Aaron & Melanie
for making me an
one more time
She's doing fine
a bit tired but fine
You can follow her blog
if you want to keep up with all the news


  1. Congrats!! Your new one will be right after mine.

  2. I love the one of him and the "Girl" and so it begins.......

  3. WAAAHOOOOOO! I'm so excited for a new little niece/nephew. :)

  4. What a happy announcement! We have two little grandsons, but they live waaay too far away and I miss them terribly.

  5. You're so cute - I love you:)

    on a side note - I'll have to ask to make sure - but I believe that fish tank is one of the ones that my friend Lem designed and maintains. He does several in the Seattle (and beyond) area including the big fancy one at my work too.

  6. Congratulations! "Children bring with them hope and forward looking thoughts" I have a plaque with that quote-It sure is true!

  7. Awww...congrats Kathy! What a cute couple they are. That is one fancy shoe department.

  8. Congratulations! Your grandbabies are some kinda cute!!!