Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vacation Time

I'm getting so

Once a year the Hubs
 to attend a conference
and this year it is at a
~Fabulous Resort~
and that means
 I have to go along right?

Well, ok.........
 if I must

We go a week early to have time to
we walk on the beach...

lay in the sun..

catch a show
(he loves these)

or maybe swim with dolfins

Then he works hard for a week
He really does...
out the door by 7:00a.m.
back by 4:30 in time for clean up
to go to a sponsored dinner
which are always fantastic...

way above and beyond what we do the
other 355 days of the year

But my little secret is that
during the week he works hard
 have the best week ever....
no cooking, no cleaning,
just doing whatever I want..
this usually includes sleeping in

~room service~
and maybe catching a movie still in bed,
possibly a walk on the beach

before heading out to the pool

Ok I'm not even going to mention the cute pool boys
who bring mai tais all day

or spa

Ok so does this make me a bad wife?
I mean my favorite vacation is the week he has to work hard
and I just have to be ready for dinner?
I'm feeling guilty
I deserve it right?
I mean I cook 3 meals a day 355 days of the year
I think I can get over guilt this time...
wink, wink!

Who knows maybe in this cute little chapel
he will marry me all over again...

I will be back in a few weeks
I will miss you all
and will bring back pictures
and maybe even some
 chocolate covered macadamia nuts!


  1. Oh, I am so jealous. We used to go on those fabulous trips with the CBA and GBA. No more!! We haven't been in three years and I miss those trips. How nice to go a week early. Have fun!

  2. You lucky girl! My hubby and went there 4 yrs. ago for our 35th anniversary. We were on a cruise so we didn't stay there. But we did have lunch which was wonderful! Staying there would be amazing I'm sure! This Sept. is our 40th so I think we are going to do another cruise but to the Caribbean this time. You will have a wonderful time and we want lots of pictures!

  3. Oh that sounds like fun! We've never made it to that part of the world, but it's on the list of 'firsts' when my husband is ready to travel again.

  4. Aloha to you!! Wonderful trip, you are a lucky girl!!

  5. Ahhhh! sounds like heaven,have a great time.

  6. Wow, enjoy every minute of the fun and relaxation. Ohh, the tan you will come home with.

  7. You enjoy your vacation because YOU deserve it! I'm so excited for you, how fun! Take lots of pictures and bring back a tan for all of us!
    XOXO ~Liz

  8. Wanted to jump in feet first, this was the perfect spot! Miss ya, but have tons of fun!