Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dad & My Birthday

~Dad & I~

share a birthdate so close that
we always celebrate together.

Don't I have a handsome

This year for his
~milestone birthday~
we were going to have a big party...
He wanted only
Isnt' that the best anyway?

So the Hubs & I
 came up from the desert
my youngest brother

 flew up from Lake Havasu, AZ
to the  wet, windy, very cold
To celebrate
my Dad's 75th
and my 50 something

My Brother and his family
hosted the get together
and it was so much fun.

I left that evening
wishing we could see more of each other
~ I~
miss my family

she has a great blog...

 made this Chocolate cake
with strawberry meringe filling...
Seriously the best cake I have ever had!
This is the same font that Dad uses for his 
Ernie's Truck Stop
Everyone was really impressed with Melanie's abilitly to do that too

SIL Lisa making scallops
and mushrooms for the fillet
~really good~
they say, I have a shellfish allergy
and could only look

She always sets such a nice table

What do you get the guy who can buy anything he wants?
This is what I came up with....
Oops, now you know I have not always
been blond!!

 family laughter...

Then I got to open my presents....

My SIL Lisa has such good taste...lucky me

Look at what my SIL Monica made for me...
She hand blows these herself.. 
please go to her site and see all her pretties

 Mostly boys in this family

Matthew Man
played with his phone most of the night

Then my brother and my son got together
and surprised us with,
watch for it...

This was
They were quite proud of themselves...

Dad, you are a good
~Family Man~
and a good

But an especially great
I love you

and not just because
you got me an
Espresso Machine

Luckily the kids stayed for the weekend so we they could figure it out...
 I'm in Heaven!!!!
Love you
And since I'm in the party mode
I am
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  1. Kathy, how sweet. Looks like so much fun. Great gifts you got. Your dad and you look alike. Happy birthday to both of you!!

  2. What a great celebration! Your dad is a very handsome man!

  3. Kathy how lucky you are also cause you still have your wonderful and handsome dad. Mine passed away at age 83 and think it was too soon. Love your family, everyone looks so happy.

  4. Happy Birthday sweet friend! What a great looking family and so fun! You guys know how to have a partay! XO
    Happy Birthday to your handsome Dad too!

  5. Everything about this brings tears to my eyes. Our dad's are so precious to us. What a grand celebration you had. Loved it! Jan P.

  6. This is awesome! You really know how to have a party :) Happy Birthday, to you and to your dad!

  7. What a great birthday Kathy!! You and Ernie look like you had a great time! Happy Birthday to you both!!

  8. How wonderful and to be able to share the fun! 50 and 75 great milestones. I hope my kids can share 75 with me!

  9. You and your whole family are adorable! But that daddy of yours - how cute is he?? He looks so fun, fit, and fabulous.

    What an awesome time you guys had.

  10. What a good looking famiy! Happy Birthday too all those celebrating. Yes.. February folks are super special!!
    Ladybug Creek