Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Before & After Entry

My little entry way table is now looking
~a lot like Christmas~
This is it for decorations in this house
~this year~
Remember the Hubs wanted to
*Opt Out of Christmas*
so I didn't do much....
Here's what we started with last spring
Much *grander* now
not the right place for that mirror though
A little color on the walls along with a
picture both the Hubs and I
a cute little table
with sconces &
La entry
I just love these little legs..he liked the leather
So I took these apothecary jars
~changed them up a bit~

 I got me some *snow* and candles
and those cute little ornaments from target for $1 each
& cut up some pictures of my Grands
but something was missing....
then today on
 she showed her sister's home
decorated for the holidays...
~so lovely~
  she had these same jars but with ribbon on them
so....... I copied
(thank you Kim's sister)
perfect now!
 My Grands...awhhhh

 ~Charlie Bear~
~Matthew Man~
This table is perfect for our
~Christmas cards~
 I used a silver platter for the cards
that are pictures
~I love those~
here is a favorite one of mine...
Our niece and her family were sledding at
~our farm in Montana~
 a few weeks ago...
she didn't tell me it was going to be this years
Christmas Card

A little Fitz & Floyd  Tree
garage sale find

So thank you for stopping by...
I'm not getting many visitors...
not many people out in the rain
here in Southern California today...
65 degrees
I had my flip flops on and people thought I was
crazy....they are in their UGGs
coming from Seattle
~lets just say~
*Welcome to my world*
Merry Christmas to my blog land buddies
Spanky says Happy New Year!
Linking up to Kim at
Before & After Party
and be sure and check out her post with her
sister's house too!


  1. Well, I am glad you did some decorating there. I love the new light fixture in the entry. Fits better than the original. Love your vignettes. Thanks, Kathy for joining the party and have the best Christmas!

  2. What a pretty foyer! Enjoy your Christmas down there!

  3. Fantastic Kathy...I love that little ribbon touch, but I have to say those cute little smoosh faces are the best touch!

  4. Love all the little touches, just perfect! Wonderful entry, wish I had one that large. Merry Christmas..

  5. What a lovely before and after!! That detail on the floor in the foyer is just wonderful! I love it! The light fixture is the perfect compliment to the floor. Great job!

  6. Lovely decor! I enjoyed the walk-through! Very well done! Have a merry Christmas, Kellie xx