Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Anthropolgie Knobs

Look what I got at
Yes we have one this year!!!!
I was so excited to see them
Every year we get down here you never know...
who is new and who is gone on the famous
~El Paseo Drive~

Working on decorating one thing at a time with our sparsely decorated home

~The Master Bedroom~
Not even close to being finished so please bear with me here
Last year I bought these TV stands in the damaged section of the furniture store
they had holes in the back for cables so I
found these perfect size baskets at Target
so you couldn't see them

I changed out the ugly knobs for these brown ones
some were missing and this is one reason for being in the damaged section
But couldn't figure out what to do for knobs on the baskets
They were very much needing something
Then a shopping trip yesterday for Christmas
to Anthropologie made me
These were the same color as my pillow
~love this pillow~

it adds something to my
Bed in a bag...
(I know but we were in a hurry)
anyway...these knobs had such a cute little look to them
but yikes the price....

but where would I ever find these again..
So what do you think
Boring to Better?
Should I keep them?

I'm joining
You have to check it out
I think I am the only one not doing Christmas
I spend hours over there
dreaming of what to do
next year


  1. Kathy, those are cute. I think they add just the right bit of pizazz. The chandy I bought came from Regularly $700 and got it for $281!

  2. Fantastic! I just love that store. That is all about I could afford are those knobs lol! They sure are pretty.

  3. So many cute things at Anthropologie...but the prices! I've bought their knobs before but in small quantities! LOL! Your knobs look great!

  4. LOVE those knobs - I love anthro too but we don't have one near us! =( Actually that is probably a good thing, or I would get into way too much trouble like I used to in college when there was one about 10 minutes away - haha!

  5. I love your knobs Kathy!!! Those are gorgeous, and does add to the room!

  6. I am loving those knobs. We're pretty much in the middle of nowhere and there is no Anthropologie...I can dream :)


  7. Marry Christmas dear Kathy and family. I feel like we have been in a whirl wind around here. Many blessings for 2011.