Monday, October 11, 2010

What lovely smelling Grands I have

Oh my the smell of
 is wonderful
ever notice
how special they smell

I had a four and 1/2 hour flight to get to my

I was sitting in the middle....
between a very sweet women reading her book
 and a young man who looked and smelled like a hiker
his clothes had that smell of laundry that didn't quite get dry
you know the one where you have left the clothes in the washing machine
~ too long~
 and you have to just re-run the load
that is
 of my least favorite smells
then he took his shoes off
 ~ least~
 favorite smell
It was a very, very, long trip
~I had a drink~

that helped

read on my kindle

a birthday present from my daughter
~that helped~

When I got in the kids were fast asleep
I had to go in and
~smell them~
it was worth the trip

no picture of
~Baby Charlie~
my daughter wouldn't let me 
possibly wake him


  1. Awww...Kathy...yes I remember the smell, it was heavenly. Now I have two little boys, that ummmmm smell kinda like the guy next to you on the plane...however with a hint of good smelling laundry:) Glad you enjoyed the trip.

  2. so does that mean you are home? i expect lots of new england pictures!

  3. So cute. I can't wait to smell my new one coming into this world soon. My other two don't have that wonderful smell because my dil is Italian and they don't believe in bathing like we do. They don't smell bad, but they don't have that good baby soap and shampoo smell. I can assure you this one will.

  4. Awww. Look at that gorgeous baby!!! I'm so glad you're with the kids!!!!!!!! Yay!

  5. So sweet!! I know the smell all too well and miss it terribly!! Zoey gets a bath every night and I get to help....when I'm with her....Long distance grand parenting...well it sucks!!!

  6. Terrific Kathy! I am so glad you got to smell the grands! I am on hiatus currently, but was so glad to see your post, good timing, yeah!

  7. SO happy that you had a wonderful time with the children Kathy, xv.

  8. It will be a while before I get the "smell" of grand babies. At least it better be...... Until then, I have the smell of an 18 year old daughter that smells like walking into an Abercromby and Fitch store. I love that scent.

  9. BTW, that last comment was from me not Karli, lol
    I'm on her laptop. Becky