Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New England with Grandbabies

I love New England
in the Fall
This is a long story

My Annie lives in Virginia
right outside of

with my wee little
Charlie 6 months
Madeline 2 1/2 years

It was time for a visit 
The night I got in the weather was to turn....
can you say
~Tropical Storm~
Buckets of rain followed by candles so we could see
after that blew by we decided to
take a trip up north to
~New England~
and see it in all it's
~Autumn Glory~

keeping in mind we are traveling with
a two year old in potty training and a 6 month old
this is a serious trip to plan
But we did it....
packed that car to the hilt

plugged Mattie into the DVD
Gosh why didn't we have that when Annie was  young!
And Charlie, well he was sooooo good for a little guy
slept most of the time

We're off......
Isn't my daughter beautiful?
We stopped in Gettysburg for lunch and a quick peek

First night was in Scranton
Annie has a thang for
"The Office"

She had to see the local sites

Beautiful Radisson Hotel
5th floor
thank God for
after that we picked hotels where we could park
right outside of the room

Day 2
Up the Hudson to Burlington, Vermont
this is not my picture
but I have been up the Hudson on years when it looked
just like this...breathtaking
This year we were a little early but it was still

gorgeous drive
kids holding up well
lots of stops
to get out and stretch our legs...
getting a little off schedule
but who cares...
 Luckily there was lots of this

Day 3
Ben & Jerry's
was on the agenda
I would highly recommend this place

We took the tour

did some sampling...
Charlie's first taste of ice cream

Mattie could not get enough of the cows

she loves plants like her Oma

They have the coolest cemetery
a great place for her to run around and 
stretch her legs

My favorite part of the trip seeing
Stowe, Vermont
for the first time and driving over
Smugglers Notch

Those 3 pictures of Stowe are not mine but we
were right there and they sure show the true beauty

I would love to stay at this beautiful place
Stowe Mountain Lodge & Resort

Green Mountain Coffee
 The best  deli sandwiches we had on the trip

This is my picture of the famous Stowe chapel
colors this year not the best but still so pretty
Love this little florist shop

after leaving
~Smugglers Notch~
the coolest drive through the
green mountains that drops you back into Burlington
Annie wanted to stop by
St Michaels
where she attended College
we got sweatshirts
I remembered the Hubs & I attending the
parents weekend.....with something like
four colleges in Burlington
the town was packed but really

 Church Street
Burlington's famous shopping area

There is so much to do in the Burlington area
one needs a full week to see it all
But this year with Babies that wasn't
going to happen
This is my 5th visit to New England
and I never see everything I want to
I could live there
winters and all

Day 4
 We were ready to head south to
Woodstock, Vermont
pouring down rain but that didn't stop us from seeing
some lovely stores and

This town of Woodstock is another
don't miss for Vermont
also known for the
where Maple Syrup is made

Then we headed south to
South Deerfield, MA
Yankee Candle's Flagship store
This is the most heavenly shopping experience ever
90,000 Square feet
of pure heaven!

I can get into the Christmas spirit in October

Charlie's first glimpse of
This has got to be the real

Mattie is not so sure about Santa either

This place has over 3 million visitors a year
they say it is the largest Christmas store
I don't doubt it a bit!

Day 5
Heading home
a very long day on the road got home at 8:00pm
2 hours of bumper to bumper on
The Beltway

Look at that beautiful temple
almost made us not mind the traffic
The kids were incredibly good for spending all that time in
car seats and strollers

She is such a happy camper

He is the happiest baby

She did a lot of this, that sweet little pumpkin
notice the beautiful artwork 

There was very little of this..

How can you resist those beautiful eyes
"Of course you can have another gummy bear, just don't tell Mom"

I won't forget this

I will say this.....
You really have to have your
~Game on~
 to try that trip
I don't think too many men could survive
but for a Mom and a Oma
piece of cake!
Oh, and not ONE accident
Mattie's a big girl now!

I am already missing those 3 like you can't believe

Some photos a little blurry
taken with my old I-phone
I need the new one
with the facetime & better camera
so I can see my babies


  1. These are such fun pictures! It makes me miss New England...

  2. Awwwww! Your daughter is a stunner! Seriously. Those kids of her's are precious! I look a long time viewing these pictures. I loved every single tiny bit of it! Thank you for showing me a new place! It was a very very very fun trip! :) :) :)

    Will skype help? Chat with those 3 cuties!

  3. So glad you are having a good time. What great places to visit. I have only been through part of New England many years ago and am waiting to go back. Some day that is where we want to take a camper to.

  4. wow... I so want to go back to New England! If I can convince Aaron to move there... you will have an excuse to visit all the time! Although, I don't think that's very likely.

  5. OMG, Some of those photos reminded me of when of the time you, Annie, Maddie and I were in Germany at the Kathe Wohlfahrt store in Germany! I sure wish I had been there with you on this trip. Maybe next time..... Glad your home safe and sound.

  6. Love love the pics!! What a fun trip!

  7. Kathy that looked like an amazing trip! Vermont is gorgeous, never been there, but now I want to. Your family is so precious and I can see why you miss them already. So glad to hear the kids held up on the long car ride, that could be a bit challenging!!~ Our trip to Roanoke was fantastic...I really enjoyed Virginia, will have pictures soon.

  8. Crazy...we were just up in the Stratton/Manchester area...and the week before?? DC!!! We could have high fived on the highway!:)
    Lovely photos...gorgeous family!xx

  9. Kathy adorable family the grandchildren are too cute. What a great autumn time together!

    I have a new Giveaway from Metis Linens, do come and enter!!

    Art by Karena

  10. Oh my!!!! so many beautiful places!!!! and the babies are just precious Kathy!!!! I hope I can go there one day!!!

    Take care sweet Kathy!!!