Sunday, October 24, 2010

Organizing Jewelry

I have had my jewelry
~costume and good~
strung out all over the place
They were in all these different boxes
hung on different things
it was driving me
A little tour of my stuff...

 My Mom brought this jewelry and
music box back from Switzerland
when I was a little girl

Excuse my closet it is a mess
this is the only part of it you will see today
~next project~

My sister-n-law made this beautiful box
All these boxes just driving me crazy

Then I found this one...
from my childhood
Can't find the lock anymore
but I remember making sure it was locked
from my brothers view 
Oh the memories come rushing back
I even found stuff from my kids childhood
that were special..their teeth?

My Grandmother gave me this special bracelet with the
10 commandments
for Christmas when I was 7
she died soon after

Maybe a ring from an old boyfriend???

So....back to the project.....
I wanted everything in one place
Then I found this
I grabbed it....should have gotten a dozen
for Christmas gifts for all my girlfriends
This side has 19 pouches

~Both sides are now full~
I have my earrings, bracelets and necklaces
all together in one pouch
easy to find the whole set

This is my
Love, love, love that stuff 
my good friend
sells these beautiful gems

My sister-n-law
hand blows glass into beads
these are awesome
please check out her website
The other side
has 20 pouches

It took me over an hour to do this but so worth it

Last year I didn't take any of this with me when we went
down south for the winter
now with this I can easily take it all 
  it weighs only  8 1/2 lbs
good thing we are driving
and not flying!!
Next project.... the whole closet!

I'm not touching this beauty
leaving it just the same
someday my granddaughter and I can 
go through it and I can give her that special
bracelet that my grandma gave me 


  1. That is nice and what a great organizer. From what I can see of your closet it is huge. Mine is small and packed full. I have got to do some purging.

  2. Wowwww!! You have QUITE a collection there! i am very impressed by your organizational skills!

    p.s. Call me mad but I think all those boxes in picture 2 look adorable!

  3. That is so funny friends and I were just talking about these bags...they love them. What great jewelery boxes you have treasured for all this time. Hope all is well, I feel like I have not seen you in forever.

  4. I think I had a box just like that. Not around anymore, unless it is still at my Moms. Great treasures!

  5. It is amazing the amount of space those bags save, and you can see everything so easily. Can't wait to see what you do to the closet, hehe.

  6. Nice job! I know you have been talking about organizing that closet or should I say "spare room" of yours for some time now. Heck, your closet is 4 times the size of my so called master bathroom. There is sooo something wrong with that! Now you need to come down here and help me!!! Love ya sis.

  7. girl, how smart are YOU? i've never seen anything like that *jewelry hanger thingy* and it makes such good sense.

    still cannot believe you're a young looking chickie!

    oh, and your SIL MADE that jewelry box? wow.

  8. I need to organize my jewelry, too...great idea. And I am so glad to hear that you are keeping the special memories in tact for your grandaughter. Precious.


  9. I really like that bracelet Ma, I also remember that box from when I was little, you may not want to give it to your Granddaughter seeing as Great Gram passed after she gave it to her Granddaughter..maybe you should give it to your daughter and see what happens..just sayin.. :)

  10. Geezzz Annie, I thinks you just want it for yourself! Why wouldn't you? I'd want it.