Monday, August 30, 2010

The question of the day....Where Do I Blog

There is a party going on at 
Where do you blog?
So I'm in
This is in my kitchen
A very unusual bar type sitting area
see the top of the faucet just behind my computer
great for when we have parties as there is a step down

and the bartender stands back there
but that's like once a year so...
pretty much doesn't get used
as a bar but instead where we eat
and compute!
You can see Spanky's bed at the far right side of the table
He has a great view too
He knows the Fed-X & UPS drivers
carry treats just for him

He waits all day
in hopes they'll make a  stop

That's my chair 2nd from the right
The reason I sit here and not in my office
is this.....
Not sure if this is a sunrise or set...

This is on a clear's picture above was cloudy
I was born and raised in the N.W.
 Mt Rainer & the Puget Sound 
are home
I am so lucky to live where I can see them
I don't take it for granted
not for one second


  1. I'm in love!!!! How pretty!!! you are one lucky girl!!! And your kitchen is awesome!!!

  2. OMG you have water views at both your homes you lucky girl. Look at that view of the mountain and the water. I am moving in with you!!

  3. What a gorgeous kitchen, too. You need to start sharing your home with us girlie!

  4. With your view I'd be blogging at that counter top also! Beautiful!
    My space is my bed... haha
    Have a great week!

  5. It is kind of an odd bar, but I love eating breakfast there in the mornings when we visit!

  6. Oh Kathy,

    I came your way via Zhush when I saw your comment on the lucite table. Oh the pain!! Who would have ever guessed??

    And I have to say I lived on Day Island for 5 or 6 years - right there on the water with a view from - and often wonder what the sam hell I was thinking when I left. Hindsight is 20/20. oy

    as an aside, I'm hosting a CSN giveaway and would like to invite you to enter. It's a $40 GC, but they have a ton of great stuff. I've both won a gift certificate and ordered from them before...a really great company.

    Here's the link if you might be interested:

  7. Oh my Kathy, I forgot about this beautiful kitchen too....that view is amazing...GIRL you got it goings on! I know you cherish each and every moment of your blessings....blogs away! Debbie

  8. What an inspirational blogging spot. I would be sure to be constantly distracted --- happily! You truly have a slice of heaven.

  9. What a view, Oh my I would never leave the kitchen. How wonderful to get to see that everyday! What a blessing.

  10. I just too noticed your banner above the cabinets, not enough Thyme! Also does puppy jump up in her bed all by herself, looks pretty high up there.

  11. I think that I need a new place to blog, lol! I should take it out back and enjoy the views too, although I might get distracted by the birds and squirrels :) Very majestic views Kathy!

  12. Love the blog party that allows us all to see great stuff like this!!! That view is unreal, you lucky, lucky girl! :)

  13. OMG you win, that is the most gorgeous view, I think if you have that great a view it would be hard to keep my attention on posting! Your puppy waiting for a treat is so cute, my deliverymen don't carry treats! Thank you for stopping.

  14. I would absolutely not be able to tear myself away from that view. I am not by any means an outdoor person, but I do love a great view... and you, my dear, have about the best one I've ever seen. Fabulous!! Love puppy's bed. I think you have shown it before. Great idea!
    Have a good week.
    Ladybug Creek

  15. Completely amazing view !! I would love to see Mt. Ranier someday, just gorgeous ! Spanky totally cracks me up, what a personality! Thanks so much for linking up to the party this week, so fun!

  16. ~*Such a beautiful view!!Im in Seattle..where do you live in WA?~*Rachel :)