Sunday, August 29, 2010

How I started Bloggin

I just discovered a new blog today that I love
I love her style
so I became a follower....
She is having a giveway to an online store
I have heard so much about
 this place has
tons of stuff to browse through
could take months to see everything...

So I am blogging here about it so that I might
I never win but I keep trying
Thanks Erin at
for telling me about this
I love your blog too

Which brings me to a point.....
It is really a fantastic way to meet new people
and learn so much
no matter what your interests are,
Mine is decorating
can't get enough of it
I love every style even if I wouldn't have it in my house
I appreciate it all
There are so many very talented, creative, and really nice  people
out here in
I am grateful that I found this form of socialization and education.

I came to Blogville from
Rate My Space
I loved
and there was a caption that said
"check out my blog"
I had no idea what a blog was but I
checked it out...
that was back when she had a couple hundred followers
now she has
almost 3,000!!!!!!
But the best part was that she lived by me!
So I got to stalk her at street fairs selling her wares
and her open house at Christmas time

Thats her on the left
and Kim on the right of me

I act like a fan to movie star when I see her
all giddy....
She is adorable and sweet and the best Mom
making all sorts of goodies for her kids afterschool
which he has recipes for
Just check out her daughter Savannah's new bedroom...

I just bought a new piece from her, it is sitting in my Hub's Truck waiting to go into

"The beach house"
aka... apt above the garage
I can't wait to fix up that room
I am sure I will be bloggin about that
So anywhoo....that is how I starting
I am not very good at it
I don't know how to put beautiful pictures that I come across
in magazines yet like
 But my lovely daughter in law
has a blog,
that is very crafty and she
is helping  me tremendously in this new blog world.

 is such a part of my life now and I am truly
grateful for all the lovely ladies that I have met

Thank you
everytime you comment
It makes my day

Someday like
 said we need to all meet for a
bloggin girls week

So how did you start


  1. Kathy, you are the sweetest thing there ever was!!! You just made my day! Can't wait to chat with you in person in September! xoxo, Melaine

  2. Kathy, I am so glad you started blogging. I just started at the end of January after putting it off forever. It is a great place to meet new people and make new friends all over the world. How cool is that. Love that new piece of furniture and can't wait to see this room you are going to work on.

  3. Hi Kathy...that was an awesome post. I was so glad I saw you out here in blog land after I left Hate my is so refreshing and rewarding to say the least:) I love that picture of you with the girls. I loved what Melanie did to her daughters room too.I will go check out this giveaway. I am doing a review on something soon:)

  4. I don't facebook or twitter and my daughter took a blog class for teaching credits. She started one for my floral business and then I created a personal one. I can't even remember who was the first blog I linked to. My family thinks I'm addicted and maybe a little. I do love all the new knowledge I have acquired.

  5. I started blogging after doing some research on the internet about learning to sew. I found lots of people who share their sewing accomplishments (and wadders as the failures are known). I've met some nice people out here in blogland and particiated in swaps with other crafters which is fun too. Hitting that "Next Blog" button leads to some interesting and sometimes strange places too.

  6. I'm so glad you started one so I can meet you!!! You are so sweet! Can't wait too see more of the beach house!!!

  7. Thanks Kathy! I appreciate the shout out, and funny enough, RMS started it all for me! It really comes down to Debbiedoos fault(loved her on RMS, and was tired of people trashing styles that I too don't personally use, but can appreciate), and then Kim(savvy southern style) started too, and I always loved her spaces too. Then, I couldn't leave comments on some blogs that I really wanted to, what the heck I'll start a blog! I am glad that I did, 'cause I like nice people and meeting you and other nice ladies reaffirms my faith in people:)

  8. Hi Kathy~

    Thank you so much for sharing about the giveaway, and for your kind words! :) You have such a fun blog, and I am so glad to "meet" you!

    The piece of furniture you bought is beautiful, by the way! :)

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend!