Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wash, Dry, Fold, Dance.....

Layla at The Lettered Cottage
is having an end of the year party for
favorite re-do's here is my project from last fall

The laundry room make over

 I needed an office......
So I got to thinking that maybe that storage room
attached to the laundry room could work, hummmm....
I don't mind listening to clothes being washed while I work
and while I'm at it.......

The sink was pink
There was a window where there shouldn't be
So down came the wall to the storage room
Out came the window so more cabinets could be added
gone with the sink
up with the office cabinets 
A beautiful place to

Wash, Dry, Fold,  Dance
oh yeah...*work*

Welcome to my *dated* laundry room
Only 1 cabinet on this wall is such a waste...

This window has to go to make room for more cabinets...

This pink sink and laminate are just not right.....
The wall to the storage room is down

 but this beam has to be recessed into the wall

finally the window gets moved

The window will  now go here over my desk

The contractor & The Hubs

My new window

A fresh coat of paint

The black granite sink

My pride & joy... a piece of  Sonoma Tile

The cabinets go up around my newly moved window......

Here's why I did it, really....
so Matthew could bathe in luxury!!!
to see the finished product


  1. Wow. That is one major office area now. Moving windows and everything. Looks great!

  2. This is one major redo! I LOVE those cabinets -- I'm filling them up with goodies in my head already! :)

    Thank you so much for stopping by and your sweet comments!!

  3. Girlfriend!!! That looks amazing!!!! Love the bath pic!!!!

  4. Gorgeous job! Wow, I am so impressed! Happy to find you, happy to be your newest follower! XO!

  5. WOW I could live in there...and I could even try to fit in the sink like Matthew...really I could try. This is an awesome before and after project...I have to go see the rest but got so excited to comment. Thanks for joining my first B & A party....It will be every other Wed. Thanks Kathy!

  6. Wow! What a change, so much more space, and who couldn't use a brand new luxury bath :) love that tile piece too!

  7. Kathy, I LOVE your laundry room/office!! I saw the photo of the little one in the sink & it reminded me of our last house. We had a laundry room with a big sink where our girls took baths. I loved it because I could fold laundry & one of my girls could take a bubble bath as long as they wanted!

  8. Wow, that all turned out so awesome! Definitely drooling over that tile piece...gorgeous! Love that bath pic, what a cutie pie!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog too! I really appreciate it! =)


  9. How fabulous is that! Loved the pictures leading up to the little angel!

  10. I love the way you did this post! What a sweetie pie at the end of the post! I like that! Glad to know you and I will ba back soon! Happy weekend! Anne

  11. I'm in love with that tile and how cute is he!!! Adorable! have a wonderful week, thank you so much for your visit!!

  12. A girl wants a little working room and the whole world has to be moved!! That looks like a big job. Thanks for the kind comment on my blog. Stay "tooned" for more.

  13. That picture of Matthew! Precious. I can't think of a better excuse to create a gorgeous room. Fabulous job Kathy!!