Monday, July 5, 2010

The fourth

This year in the Puget Sound Area we had probably the worst weather for the 4th of July
that I can remember
Windy, Very Windy & Cold
We rented a $450 tent that wasn't needed
because it was so cold we were all inside!

Every year for decades my Dad has had a party at his place
It is great fun
great food with good friends, neighbors & family
always great fireworks....

Some of these pictures are from last year so.....
 if you don't see clouds in the sky you will know why
this year there were no boat rides to the Tall ships...too choppy and
But the weather did not stop the fun....

This looks like a cake.......

But much better for a party

My Dad's house on Dash Point

The perfect location to see Tacoma, Olympia, & the Pennisula's

And from this side all of coastline up to Seattle

This is also where Annie got married
it was a spectacular venue

The Tall Ships from all over the country come to Tacoma for this celebration

just a short boat ride over
but not this year

But back at the Party
My Dad, Daughter & Grandaughter

Dianna the neighbor and best helper ever
Every year she is there with the food and energy to help out
Definately the Dash Point Martha Stewart

Annie & Mattie made these marshmellows on a stick
so darn cute

We all wait for the sun to set....again this was last year

Then the fireworks start

Madeline's first *sparkler* with Mommy
With the wind howling it took 3 men to light this...

But my favorite part was holding the baby,
this year...I got out of all the usual KP duties

I sat upstairs in the dark and had the best and quietest spot in the house

Downstairs Madeline wouldn't come in no matter how cold it got so
Opa sat with her and watched until the end

This was my favorite fourth of July that I can recall

I did miss my sister who is usually here...
Love you 
Aunt B

And by the way she took some of these awesomes shots
from years past

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  1. It sure does look, food fun, laughter, and hey a little cold, did not stop you at all from enjoying and creating more lovely memories. We had a great day=too...waterpark, rides, party, food, fun= tired today!