Friday, June 11, 2010

Garage Sale-ing on Friday

I am hooking up with Debbiedoos weekend garage sale fun.....

I am a bit miffed at Debbie for creating all this anxiety 
trying to get me to one-up the girls........
If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have had to be up so early this a.m.
heading out to find the best deals before they are gone....
Her blogger friends are the best and I can never keep up with their great finds 
but I must try......

Ok my Madeline *Mattie* needs a bed when she come to visit me in less than
 2 Weeks!!!!!!

First up was not exactly what you would call the
*best deal*
but it was absolutely what I was looking for. 
A little toddler bed for the room that got a make-over for Madeline to use when she gets here.

I couldn't believe it was at the first stop, just waiting for me to take it home. 
 It will make into a crib,  I have all the parts and instructions for when
 Mattie leaves and Matthew comes for visits. 
There are 2 mattresses, sheets and a mattress cover for

 Like I said not the best deal but it came from such a nice clean home & it fits perfect...
now to find some pretty bedding. 
 Check out my daughter-n-law Melanies blog to see how she created this entire room.

Next up a Jogging Stroller

$20 bucks
Melanie has been coveting one of these now that the weather is shaping up....
Matthew will love this!
I found this online as I am too lazy to go out to the garage & take a picture of the real thing...
think red

I found a pottery barn rug for Matthew's room that is done in an airplane
 $6....... after some haggling.

Dickens "Antiques"
All the lights work!

A big bag full of adorable clothes and winter boots for the kids

The cutest shower curtain and hooks I have ever seen for
I have a Niece with a birthday coming up that would LOVE this!

A pillow sham with my Son's name on it.....too bad it didn't say Matthew but the Aaron part will work for when "Daddy" takes naps with Matthew.
$2 dollars

These were the majority of the finds for the day.....
a bit too much $ spent that didn't have to be
Lots of fun thanks to Deb..I guess I'll forgive her....

As I look at all this stuff there isn't much for me, still all baby stuff...
Grandmas tell me something, when do we go back to buying for ourselves and forget about the Grandbabies?


  1. WOW Kathy, you scored BIG time this week!~ I love the shower curtain, and the stroller wowweeee! I am going over to Melanies right now before I forget...thanks for linking up my friend...see I give you something to do now LOL LOL!!~

  2. wow girl!!! You did awesome!!!! i love everything you got sister!

  3. I think you did great and I don't think the bed was overpriced! Looks like new and that is wonderful. Love that shower curtain!

  4. Great finds and that price sounds terrific to me for all that bed stuff and two mattresses. That is great that you will have a place for them to sleep. That is what I need, too. At least a baby bed for the grands when they visit. Need to look for a good deal. Thanks for stopping by and making me laugh about the twins.

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  6. Wow, you did great! That little bed is perfect and how wonderful that it turns into a crib also! I love your Christmas house!!! Great job:)

  7. Great finds! You got a good deal on the bed! But the shower curtain is my favorite!

  8. Fantastic scores on all items. I am so in love with that shower curtain. What a fabulous find! I had one of those beds for my little guy years ago and they are so WORTH the money! I am sure you will find a buyer for it when your grand babies out grow it.

  9. I think the toddler bed was a good deal actually! Anyway, you know you love shopping for your Grandbabies! ...I can't remember the last time I bought stuff for ME, but I sure love baby shopping. Can't wait to try out the jogging stroller! Matthew kept trying to climb into his stroller last night, maybe it's a sign...

  10. I am completely green with envy over the shower curtain! What a great bunch of finds!