Saturday, June 12, 2010

................ A beautiful Wedding

This beautiful girl and my daughter
 have been friends since pre-school.
She was Annie's maid of honor 3 years ago...
It was sad for me today because Annie wasn't here to share this wonderful day with her
 So many memories of those girls

has found, and today, married her man
It was a glorious, glorious day today...the nicest day of the year in the Puget Sound area
The wedding Gods were smiling down on us
These Catholic Churches are so beautiful
reminds me of

After a beautiful wedding they are
off to the reception

And what a reception
 Murano Hotel

Is stunning

All the details were so beautiful

The married couple arrive


The beautiful Mother of the Bride

A magnificant ring to seal the deal

The very happy couple    


Best Wishes !


  1. Everything looks beautiful, I love her dress!!!

  2. Spectacular...what a beautiful bride, and the church was gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great wedding indeed!!! Best wishes to bride and groom, so lovely to see them together xx

  4. kathy, your comment really was so heartfelt I had to come over and say THANK YOU so much for saying that!!~ No I am not looking to make my blog into a business or even make money off it. If an advertiser did come to me, it would have to be something I used or liked. I will figure this out in a way that works for me. I am sure along the way most will understand, and I am sure along the way I will lose some...but that is OK too, as they where never then loyal followers to begin with. is tough for I am always wanting to do the right thing....I hate hurting peoples feelings, and never want someone to see that I commented on one blog opposed to another...that is why I try to hit them all...but I can't, it is taking a toll. The posting is not the problem, it keeping up with the rest:) Thank you so very much Kathy, it really meant a lot what you said!!~

  5. Just just lovelye, the bride & the church & everything.... Thanks for sharing.

    Agneta, the swedish one ;)

  6. I hope you are feeling better, I left you a message on my post....anytime you feel like that you should call your local pharmacist so they can ask you the proper questions and better assist you in what they feel you need...hard to do via internet:) Feel better...